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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trump supporters say "Get over it and move on."

I'm going to admit that I'm very upset about the results of this election.  I don't know how anyone looks to Trump and says, "He's our guy."  Alot of blogs I read talked about holding their noses and voting for Trump and agreed with the fake rhetoric coming out of Trump's mouth.  He called Ben Carson a child molester, but then appointed him to be Director of HUD.  What?  Trump said whatever soundbite could be chanted or repeated easily, just like "Heil Hitler."  I've just discovered that even smart people have an amazing capacity for self-deception.

So, no, I'm not going to "get over it and move on."  Trump is a bully who called people names - and they stuck.  Lyin' Ted, Little Marco, Crooked Hillary.  Trump is actually the corrupt one, but people are willing to turn a blind eye.  Really people, I just don't get it.  As opposed to Bill Clinton's consensual infidelity with Monika Lewinsky, Trump bragged about grabbing women by the pussy and is accused of assaulting many women.  He is accused of fraud with regard to Trump University and settled the lawsuit.  He's conned people out of money they rightfully earned.  How can you look at him and say he's our guy?

Republicans are being totally two-faced about this.  They didn't "get over it, and move on" when Barack Obama became president. He was criticized for a coffee cup salute - even though GW Bush one-upped Obama with a coffee cup & dog salute.  Yep, a dog.

Even though Michelle Obama worked as an attorney and hospital administrator, she was called Moochelle, or even recently "a ape in heels."  Meanwhile we now get Melania who posed nude.  This is a fact.  The only reason why anyone would think she is classy is because she is rich after having married Trump.  How is posing nude classy?

Barack Obama's birth was constantly questioned by republicans, and Trump.  And even though he was born in Hawaii and had the birth certificate to prove it, many Republicans would not let it go.  Not only that, Obama was constantly accused of being a Muslim and only pretending to be a Christian.

Obama was constantly blocked and mocked.  Political cartoons made him look part chimpanzee.  Universal health care is a great idea, but the insurance companies ruined it by making everyone pay higher premiums.  And people mocked "Obamacare" as a free handout that isn't really free at all.

He gave lip service to being pro-life, but doesn't care.  Trump supporters say they want less government regulation, but they actually want more.  They want to build a wall which will take taxes to pay off, they say they want to implement Pence's registry and for women report if she has missed a period.  That's more regulation - not less.

For some reason they have faith in Trump, where I do not.  They have faith that he will make winning decisions or that they will get their jobs back, or make America great again. For some reason Trump's business dealings with other countries where he actually has hotels gets a pass, or nepotism whereby he brings his daughter along for meetings with significant world leaders.  Blind trust my ass.  He won't be able to separate his business dealings for his hotels from his political dealings with other countries.  That's corrupt.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is an actual Christian believer who attends services when she can.  I can only think of two places where she really messed up in saying the wrong thing.  1. her comment about staying home, baking cookies, and holding teas back in the 1990s was felt to be a slap in the face of all housewives and stay-at-home moms.  She could have phrased it differently by saying that she worked really hard to obtain a degree and feels passionate about her work.
2.  She should not have called Trump's supporters "a basket of deplorables."  I think Trump espouses some dangerous views.  I think some of his followers have taken this build-a-wall and block Muslims stances as a free license for open racism.  I think that by calling his actual supporters "a basket of deplorables" missed the mark of what is really wrong.

As far as the private email server... really?  I'm so over it.  There was no intentional mishandling of anything.  And that server was no more at risk than the government's own.  Do you really think that the government has some superspecial encrypted high-tech server?  No, they don't.  It's archaic and clunky.  If you want to check your email at home, what do you do?  Private servers don't hide anything, they just give you more power to get things done.

In the past, it was at least believable that the Bush presidents were nominally Christians.  How do you believe this about Trump?  But really, Trump made wild comments left and right.  He is the deplorable one.  Why could people look past that?  Is it because a wealthy man is worth more?  His time is worth more?  His words are worth more?  Did he just grab us and get away with it because he's rich?

These same people who are willingly following Trump accused Bush of not having enough military experience.  They accused Reagan of not having enough government experience.  And then Obama was denigrated as a "community organizer" when he had actually been Illinois state senator, and the US senator and a professor of constitutional law.  While it's true that Hillary didn't have military experience, she wasn't required to have it.  I would have trusted her to stay pretty cool-headed in times of crisis and meet with her advisors.  I think Trump is going to be an empty suit.

Trump rhetoric about draining the swamp isn't real either.  He's refilled the swamp with the billionaire boys club.  Those of you who called Hillary elitist, forgot to look closely at Trump.  Hotels in foreign lands and business deals with world leaders will go hand in hand.  When he did drain a swamp, it was to build Mar a Lago, his elitist country club where most of us do not have the training to even work there as janitorial staff.  We will be come his toadies, his sycophants, and his servers.  Good luck America.

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Paul Temple said...

He did not actually grab anyone by the pussy. He didn't assault any women, it's made up nonsense.
You need to learn how to read sources yourself and not just repeat what other people are feeding you.
He is a bully, and until he became President I would be right there with you about what an ass he is.
But you see, by lowering himself to become president he's using his "super-powers" for the greater good and is now worthy of respect

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