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Thursday, September 8, 2016

What about Wen?? Curiosity killed the cat

So, if you're like me and the curiosity starts to kill you, you go against the grain and order what everyone has warned you about.  It's true, there have been alot of complaints and even a lawsuit.  Women talk about their hair falling out.  Could it really be that bad??  I decided I haaad to try it for myself to see what the deal was - especially since Swagbucks made the offer irresistible.  They gave me 3500 Swagbucks to try it.  OK!  So, here are my thoughts about the experience.
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I decided awhile ago that if I were ever to try Wen, it would have to be lavender.  After about a year of being taunted by other offers, I was finally allowed to do that, and this is what I think.  It really does work in terms of getting my hair clean.  It really does smell like lavender.  They use both lavender extract and essential oil, it's  perhaps slightly different than what your used to.

It also smells like menthol, because they spiced it with that too.  I sort of like the smell - at least of the lavender, but I find that the menthol makes my eyes water and that I'm not very happy about that. Personally, I think if the menthol were removed, I would be much happier with the product.  It does get my hair clean and fairly well conditioned. 

The styling products are nothing to write home about.  I have dry curly hair and it did not give me the curl definition or frizz control I like.

Apparently almost ALL of their products contain menthol, soy, wheat, and stone fruit oils and extracts (mostly almond and cherry.    I don't mind menthol on a SalonPas pain patch, but I don't think I like it in my hair care products.  I also don't really like the idea of putting a Salon Pas pain patch or Tiger Balm (which both have menthol) on my face, hair, or eyes.  Sephora online was very helpful in researching the ingredients.  Guthy Renker, the subscription service, doesn't care what's in it, they just want you to sign up for a subscription service so you have to buy it on a monthly basis.

Menthol, according to WebMD, is a well-known allergen, in the salicylate class.   And it's even in things you wouldn't expect in small quantities - apples, strawberries, avocados.  Wen actually has another product called 613 which is supposed to be nut free (many of their products are made with nut oils or soy).  They've even tried to make a gluten free product.  But why they haven't thought to make a menthol-free product, I will never know.

If you're brave like me and wan to see what the stink is about, you can also get it from Amazon if you want. I'm a fan of Amazon, for sure.

The FDA has posted a warning about this stuff, but they are also saying that people may not realize that they are allergic to some ingredient.  See that warning here.  And these allergies might be latent one which people aren't aware of.  A doctor or a dermatologist should make a referral to an allergist in these cases, but dermatologists weighing in on it said that hair loss didn't add up as an allergy symptom and that none of these ingredients are out of the ordinary for a hair product.  Still, that doesn't rule it out.   Menthol, I think you're the culprit.

I had a situation with a pre-surgical wipe which had chlor-hexadine in it.  I had no idea that I was allergic to it, but developed a rash very shortly after applying it.  I tried to wash it off, but woke up in the middle of the night after my surgery and had to take a shower to wash it off because the benadryl had worn off and the itch was raging.  To this day, I don't see why I had to wipe myself down with that stuff since my surgery was to my NOSE, but whatever.  It didn't cause me to lose any hair.

How to return, by the returns Queen
Returning the WEN through Guthy Renker wasn't that bad.  I had to wait through an automated system trying to convince me to interact with it (pass), but eventually it automatically rang through to a person in the Philippines.  (I'm not surprised that they outsource.)  She tried to tell me that I could order whatever I wanted in my next month's order, but I said I didn't think it was for me and that I was not agreeing with the terms & conditions, and she was fine with that.

Actually, that's the key for them, saying that you do not agree with the terms & conditions of their service, which is a monthly service.  They say that this is conditioned on your acceptance of the terms and conditions. I'm the returns queen, and I've never met someone who could convince me to keep a product I don't want.  Bonus to me, the Swagbucks are mine to keep.  Sweet!

They also say that you will have to pay a return shipping and handling fee.  It's only $8.97, which is no big deal.  I kept asking if they were going to send a label, and finally she said that she would.  In the meantime, I will most likely use some more of the bottle.  I like how it makes my hair feel, somewhat, and love the idea of not using shampoo, but the menthol still makes me cry.  Bummer.  My next try will be Aveda's co-wash - maybe.

In all, it wasn't a bad experience.  And if you like a touch of menthol, maybe you should try it yourself.  The Swagbucks makes it a bonus, for sure.

While there are some annoyances, earning Swagbucks can also be fun.
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