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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Be Frugal, Ebates, TopCashBack cash back programs offer $10 signing bonus

Check it out at BeFrugal - and please use my link.

 Ebates also offers a $10 gift card to sign up.

If you're at all like me, you're doing more and more shopping online.  There are some great ways of walking into additional savings though cashback programs.  My cousin said it sounded like a scam, but I think she may just not shop online like I do.  I have found that I pretty much know my size in things, and if something doesn't fit, I'm not shy about making a return.  All you have to do is click though some of these online sites and they give you coupons for some of your favorites stores and additional cash back which they pay out to you.  That being said, I'm going to explain the way it operates.  This, for me, started with shopping through the Upromise credit card which also has its own cash back program.  It was most worthwhile to use when you combined the credit card with the website's cash back, so when the credit card changed hands too many times, I stopped using the site.  Long story.

You may have seen affiliate programs for you as a blogger.  Think of this as one big affiliate program.  The website is offered an affiliate bonus for advertising on their website.  People who click through their website to make purchases earn them a bonus which they pass on to you for clicking though.  What I do is compare between multiple programs to see who is giving the best cash back.

So here's a list of other programs I use for comparison purposes.  All of them are free for you to join, and I recommend joining all of them because you never know what will come up in terms of great discounts.

CouponCabin runs featured specials on a limited basis which makes them worth joining and worth checking out.The sometimes off a signup bonus.

TopCashBack often lives up to its name.  Not sure if they are giving a signing bonus.

Swagbucks offers additional ways you can earn cash back like time-wasting videos, games, surveys, and even searching the internet.  I watch the movie previews regularly.  You also get credit at the store for printing out coupons from their website.  I've made a few hundred dollars which I mostly exchange for Amazon gift cards.  I've given some money to charities they offer on their marketplace.  They offer a discounted rate on your first gift card you order each month.  This means a better earning rate.  But really, I think of them more like Swag Cents.  1 Swag Buck is worth about 1 penny.  But they are one of the few sights which pays you for your internet searches, so it is worth having in your back pocket. 

And it wouldn't be complete without Shop At Home which offers the bonus of matching the cash back of most of these websites even though they don't give a signup bonus.  Check it out.

And they all have apps!  Please let me know how you're saving!

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