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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lancome Grandiose mascara reiview - aiming to disappoint

I'm a long-time Lancome customer.  I was very happy when Definicils came out with colored mascaras a few years ago and have been expectantly waiting for Lancome to make colored mascara again - especially in Definicils.  I bought several colors last time around and used them until they were practically dry.  I never would have purchased this particular mascara if it wasn't for the colors, but I love having extra space for some color since I don't enjoy powdered mascaras because the powder irritates me when I wear contact lenses.  The Grandiose swan-neck wand is awkward.  I'm used to working with a long, straight wand with Definicils and I'm fine with it, plus it gives a more economical use of the mascara itself.  And then, wouldn't you know it, the formula flakes off. 

Luckily I have alot of samples of the Cils Booster (also Lancome) and tried using that as a base. This actually helped and means I only use 1 coat of the mascara so it will last longer.  However, I am seriously disappointed in Lancome and felt that, in order to simplify my beauty regimen to a tolerable lever, that I had to find colored mascaras which don't need this extra step.  What can I say?  My health has not been that great for the past few years, so I will take anything that makes me feel better emotionally.  Colored mascara gives an extra pop for my eyes.  The Sapphire blue is so dark it's almost black, had I known, I would have purchased the lighter blue.  The "purple" color was more like a red brown and I was looking for an aubergine.  I like the violet the best out of these for my eyes.

My search led me to Sephora's very reasonably priced store brand makeup.  I'm going to be paying less than half from now on. Or at least until colors come back to Definicils.  I am also not getting any money off of this review, but am considering starting a beauty blog or something fun and shallow like that.