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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why be a woman, when you can be a man?

In the musical "My Fair Lady," Henry Higgens sings to his friend Colonel Pickering, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"  because men are so friendly, virtuous, etc.  But what I really want to know is, why be a woman when you can be a man?

I read an article that disturbed me a bit about the "Red Pill" which is one of the new terms for the so-called men's rights movement via the website "A Voice For Men."  The article, titled "From woman to man to red pill" discusses the perspective of a woman who hated her female body and transitioned to becoming a man.  I was thinking, OF COURSE someone who hated being a woman could turn into a red pill man.

There are "no walk-ons for team black" as described by Daily Show comedienne Jessica Williams, referring to the NAACP VP who turned out to be a white female.  But, there are walk-ons allowed for Team Testosterone - even if one has to buy into it via surgery and hormone pills.  Red pillers are more than happy to accept a trans man who embraces the code of hating women along with them.  The only other options are ambivilance toward the gender left behind, or sympathy for the former gender.

But this person when from being riled up about the injustices women face, considering his former self to have been an extreme feminist.  When he was a woman, it angered him that he would not be able to enlist in the army in combat positions.  How do you go from being upset over these injustices to then hating women?  Not all transgendered people are so unsympathetic.

This article showcases how many women who transitioned to being male enjoyed better performance reviews post-transition.  I don't hate my female body, but it makes me hate it a little bit since it obviously holds me back from being taken seriously.  In fact, one trans person mentioned that someone was glad that his female self was fired because he was so much more capable - when he was literally THE SAME PERSON but just a different gender.

And yet another article brings to light that most men don't notice the discrimination women are "whining about" because they don't experience it.  It doesn't make sense.  They don't even see it.  And probably the most interesting aspect of both the Red Pill and this article were the different ways they experienced cat-calling - either leaving it behind when going from woman to man, or learning how to cope with it when going from man to woman.  Fascinating.   One learned to hate, while the other did not.  Fascinating again.

Caitlyn Jenner will watch many of the privileges she enjoyed as Bruce Jenner disappear.  Some grace will be extended that most women will not get, because they can't say, "Hey, remember when I won the decathlon in 1976 at the Olympics and the whole world adored me?"  Caitlyn Jenner will always be a little bit of Bruce.  (I'm not going to lie, I miss who I thought Bruce Jenner was.  And if I had been born Bruce Jenner, I think I might have enjoyed that luscious man body and all of its privileges more.  But it's quite safe to say this, since it will never happen.  If I were a man, I'd be a schlubby short one, rather than a 6'2" & majestic Olympian.)  At the same time, as Caitlyn she will be able to discuss the differences she will face with some level of authority.  Some people will listen to the Bruce that still lies within.

We as Christians often aren't sensitive to those who struggle with gender identity or sexuality.  Jesus loved us all and died for us all, so we really need to stop that.  Caitlyn and Bruce are the same person.  I don't love the politics he espoused as Bruce.  And I'm not sure the GOP will so willingly make a place at the table for Caitlyn, so there will be alot of soul-searching going on there.  And we ought to think for a moment that Bruce went to church.  He took his family to church.  I know they don't act like it all the time, but who does?  He most likely fervently prayed that God would take these secret feelings away.  So, while Jenner's pastor wouldn't talk about the transition, the former worship leader did.

Can we ever find in our hearts a way to listen to the voices of those Jesus loves?  I'm still going to, every once in awhile, imagine all the wonderful privileges of manhood.  I'm still going to wonder why anyone would transition from male to female.  I have to accept that this is something I may never completely understand.  But I do understand gender.  And I want there to be more respect for both genders, and for those who are confused.

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