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Monday, June 15, 2015

Goodbye to Welmer & the disappeared Spearhead

The whole manosphere thing was interesting.  First there was a guy named Welmer - or at least that was his blog handle.  Then he started writing under his real name, WJ Price.   And then, somewhere in there he started whining about the legal system.  And then it turned out that Price was proud of his "deadbeat dad" status and stopped paying child support and/or alimony.  And somewhere in there I lost respect.

Look, I know that the legal system doesn't like people to represent themselves.  Most people do not know what paperwork to file, don't do it right, don't dress properly, and generally do not know how to behave in court.  It's like church from 100 years ago, not the rock 'n' roll blue jeans church of today.
When the court orders someone to pay child support or alimony, it is because that person's income is determined to merit a certain amount of money minus the amount the wife makes.  It's really a simple formula.  There is no excuse for falling into arrears if you live within your means.

I’m sincerely sorry to hear of anyone falling on hard times. But the takeaway is actually this - most courts have a family law facilitator to assist with the basics of family law filings like support modifications. When you lose your job, the first thing you need to do is file a motion to get before a judge and ask for a support modification. There is alot of online help and many downloadable forms for filing in the courts from their own websites. And no, it’s not a point of pride to lapse on your payments.

It’s really easy to save yourself from deadbeat dad status. Being unemployed should have given him plenty of time to research what form to fill out and submit. The courts are generally unfriendly to pro pers (you can thank your local bar association for that BS) but it is possible to handle yourself well there and take care of your responsibilities.  I suggest you do so without whining and making excuses about feminists and evil ex-wives.  (Pro pers are legal do-it-yourselfers.)

And don't ever sign a settlement agreement that you don't actually agree with.  Apparently, that's the other mistake which is out there and ripe for the making.  And now, Welmer/WF Price has disappeared along with the website for The Spearhead.  All I'm saying is that given he was unemployed, had time to write on his blog, and probably scammed people for "donations" for his legal obligations, he no doubt could have come up with something, but just didn't feel like using his actual brain for his actual commitments.  Instead, he whined about how unfair things were.  I'm just not buying any of it - and neither should anyone else.

All that's left of the guy is an abandoned twitter account. I seriously understand how hard the legal system is.  I took paralegal classes and still haven't a complete notion of what to do about some things.  Ispent this last year finding lawyers to represent me on my injury cases because, even though I could have done some things myself, I have had two surgeries and been in the hospital.  I would not be able to represent myself.  But Welmer seemed quite able-bodied, and if not a bit addle-brained, a bit lizy about his obligations.  So, I think I'm rightfully upset with him for inflicting us all with The Spearhead.

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