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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why be a woman, when you can be a man?

In the musical "My Fair Lady," Henry Higgens sings to his friend Colonel Pickering, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"  because men are so friendly, virtuous, etc.  But what I really want to know is, why be a woman when you can be a man?

I read an article that disturbed me a bit about the "Red Pill" which is one of the new terms for the so-called men's rights movement via the website "A Voice For Men."  The article, titled "From woman to man to red pill" discusses the perspective of a woman who hated her female body and transitioned to becoming a man.  I was thinking, OF COURSE someone who hated being a woman could turn into a red pill man.

Monday, June 15, 2015

ABC's "The Goldbergs" is my version of "The Wonder Years"

The Goldbergs 2013 logo.jpg
Even though I've already seen some these episodes, I'm always inclined to watch them again, and enjoy them just as much - if not more.  This is how I know that I think its good.

In this episode, Adam lied about how he broke his arm - typical kid stuff.  He says he broke it riding a hoverboard, that skateboard thing from from 1985's Back to the Future.  But really, he broke it making a video of himself dancing to "Faith" by George Michael.  WHAM and NKOTB are some of Adam Goldberg's guilty pleasures - which means he's just like every other 80s kid.  He could have said he broke it making one of his videos without revealing his secret guilty pleasure.  (Adam F. Goldberg got really famous, the end, so shut up.)  ...but then, that would be the end of the story, and a whole lot more boring, right? 

Meanwhile, Beverly (mom) struggles with being jealous of Dave Kim's mom, whose family just opened a Chinese restaurant.  Oldest sister, Erica, teaches Adam how to lie better, but he can't take the pressure.  He finally tells the truth to save his friendship with his best friend, Emmy.  She is still mad, but he then tells her this gem that reminds me of my own crazy family: 

"I get it.  You said it yourself.  We're more than just friends.  We're family.  And, in my family we fight, scream, and we make horrible mistakes that go way too far.  But an hour later, we're fine.  That's what it means to be a Goldberg.  And, like it or not, you're one of us."  Not only that, the family makes up with Mom and they go out for Chinese.  And Emmy comes over to pledge her friendship, because, after showing the class his Wham dance video, he's going to need all of the friends he can get.

Now, pass me a box of tissues because that was sweet.  And that Sean Giambrone kid playing young Adam Goldberg is absolutely adorable in the way that I wish I had a kid like that.  I hope he's that adorable in real life and doesn't turn into a putz with a big head.  I never got "The Wonder Years" when I was the age of the children on it.  It was boring and I couldn't really relate.  Maybe with the Goldbergs being Jewish and my cousins also being Jewish, I feel like I have more in common with them.  Though, if Adam Goldberg's family got over things in an hour, they are lucky.  It usually took mine a few days of stewing.

This is my version of my own wonder years - even though I'm getting it as an adult looking back on an imperfect, sometimes painful childhood.  And this is why I don't mind watching the episodes again in ways that I probably wouldn't bother with other sitcoms - except for Square Pegs with a young and adorable Sarah Jessica Parker as a loveable loser.  Now if someone can just let me know where I might watch reruns of Square Pegs, I would be happy about that, too.

I would be even happier if Adam had an episode where he explains being Jewish to his Christian cousin (like I remember doing with my cousins) because I really wanted a bat mitzvah when my cousin had hers.  I thought it was so cool.  I'm not sure if Adam has had his bar mitzvah on the show, but that might be a fun episode.  Though, the real Beverly Goldberg has tweeted that the show is not about being Jewish, so I might have to insert my own memories about what that was like for me.  I married a Jewish guy, after all.  My cousins love that and have made me their honorary sister by calling me their last name.

OMG, seriously, her tweets are just like she is on the show!
And don't forget your umbrella/sweater/gloves... she's just like my mom.

The only thing I don't like is the reference to trophies for showing up, but I will explain that in another post.

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Goodbye to Welmer & the disappeared Spearhead

The whole manosphere thing was interesting.  First there was a guy named Welmer - or at least that was his blog handle.  Then he started writing under his real name, WJ Price.   And then, somewhere in there he started whining about the legal system.  And then it turned out that Price was proud of his "deadbeat dad" status and stopped paying child support and/or alimony.  And somewhere in there I lost respect.

Look, I know that the legal system doesn't like people to represent themselves.  Most people do not know what paperwork to file, don't do it right, don't dress properly, and generally do not know how to behave in court.  It's like church from 100 years ago, not the rock 'n' roll blue jeans church of today.