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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Do we like Skye more now that she's Quake on Marvel's Agents of Shield?

Taking Skye from hot female hacker trope woman to Quake has its positive points.  Many discussed, including my husband and I, that she is the "Mary Sue" of Marvel's Agents of Shield both literally and figuratively.  She talked about having been at St. Agnes (the same convent where Daredevil was raised).  It was there that the nuns renamed her Mary Sue Poots.  I sometimes wish I made this stuff up!  I admit that I was not actually the first to notice this about her.  We see just about everything through her eyes.  She's got this annoying level of wide-eyed innocence and everyone tries to protect her.

So OF COURSE, she would do as any Mary Sue and make herself over as Skye.  Who wouldn't?  The nuns did it for SHIELD, to hide Daisy Johnson from her nutty father and the Inhumans.  Of course we didn't really know until after she emerged apparently unscathed from that "mist" as it is called.

In case you didn't know about Mary Sue, TV Tropes, says that the Mary Sue character is the wunderkind, center of attention who everyone loves, and who can be identified by her exotic name, idealization, and exotic origin story.  And anyone who doesn't like her or wants to see her harmed is very bad.

We have all of that in Skye.  And becoming Quake made her even more of a Mary Sue because she's so very special.  And like Fitz said, "Save Skye - of course!"  (But get involved with Grant Ward again?  Never! Well, unless it's to save Skye.  Because everyone on the show would do anything for Skye.

At least being Quake makes her a little more interesting and useful.  And at least the women on the show don't have to display sexual mastery over the men in order to be included in the story.  And at least the show passes the Bechdel test for film and television.  (Two named female characters talk to each other about anything other than a man.)

If you're still having trouble understanding how Skye is a Mary Sue, do some research.  And compare her character to other female leads.  Agent Carter has a normal name (Peggy is short for Margaret), came from a normal origin, and has to work hard to earn the respect of the dopes around her.  Rather than "super" she's just skilled.  Her abilities are high-end, but possible.  You can even make that same comparison with Agent May and Gemma Simmons, super-smart physician, biochemist, and super sandwich maker.  (Something tells me she really is in love with Fitz, but is a bit emotionally shut down.  Isn't cooking for someone a form of loving them?  She only makes special sandwiches for Fitz, right?)

In case you were wondering, yep, I'm a comic book/film/television nerd.

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