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Monday, May 4, 2015

Can plastic surgery go too far?

I just watched Ana Kasparian and some guests discuss that its basically fine to have plastic surgery.  In some ways I agree.  But I disagree that it's not hurting anyone.  It may help someone feel better about themselves for awhile, but it's not a guarantee of future happiness.  I'm sure you're wondering why I would say such a thing.
Surgery is taken very lightly these days.  It's certainly true that infections are fewer and farther between.  And most complications are managed well.  I've had two surgeries to fix the inside of my nose -the septum - and they were both quite unpleasant.  A "nose job" changes the external appearance.  I already had a cute nose, I only changed the inside.  Had I been unhappy with my nose, I might have taken advantage to change the outside.  But then again, maybe not.  I've seen many celebs with awkward post-surgical noses.  But I have seen average people with wonderful results.  A friend of mine enjoyed life so much more with her new nose.  It made her feel happier and more confident.  She also got more dates.

But be warned about changing the outside doesn't change your genetic makeup, and your children will potentially look like the new you instead of the old you.  A plastic surgery center in Taiwan made fun of the ugly baby phenomenon through an advertising photo with attractive parents and less attractive children. children.  Hey no worries, the plastic surgery center will still be there to help your children!

If you had the money, would you go under the knife?  Will it make you happier?

New pictures of Jian Feng, the man who sued his wife for having an ugly baby and won, are floating around the web, but some have doubts if the story is true or a hoax. (Photo: Flickr)
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