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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Flip This House Boston

Not feeling well and decided to watch some of the newish home design shows on the FYI channel and on the . I'm starting to wonder what the purpose of cable is.  It's like we're paying for public access television.

I just watched a houseflip where the design ideas just didn't make sense.  They had a unit with an upstairs and downstairs.  For the upstairs unit, they took the double doors off off of the old living room or dining room to turn it into the bedroom, cutting off the option for people to change it if they wished.  What if they only need two bedrooms and would have liked those double doors for better flow and ease of moving things in and out.  It didn't make sense. 

They redid the kitchen, but none of the new appliances matched the colors.  The new appliances were white and the cabinets were ivory.  They didn't even look very nice, and seemed to date back to the 1980s.  What's the point of doing it if you do it badly?  You can make a profit with things that look nice.

Actually, alot of these design shows do alot of things that don't make sense.  In updating to the latest trend, it will just look terribly dated in just a few years.  Today's granite counters are tomorrow's white formica.  Today's stainless steel is tomorrow's avocado.

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