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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Having problems with California Injury Lawyer or Orange County Law Group? Me too.

Well friends, I have an active worker's compensation case out there.  And, wouldn't you know it, I have a problem with the lawyer that was supposed to be representing me.  I couldn't get in touch with him at all to make an appointment.  There is a collection attempt on a bill related to the case because he didn't take care of it. Half of the staff is no longer working there.  And the attorney isn't keeping me or any of his other clients informed of relevant contact information.  Does this sound like you?

I have a feeling I am not the only person to have problems with the lawyer who owns both of these companies.  But, I found out the name of the head attorney for both California Injury Lawyer and Orange County Law Group.  It's Cary Abromowitz.  He's got no record of disciplinary action against him - yet.

If you are having similar problems with corpoarations owned by this attorney, then you actually have a problem with him!  So be wise and make a complaint to the California Bar Association.  Keep any emails you have sent back and forth to support your complaint.  While one of us may not be enough to get this guy reprimanded or suspended, if enough of us complain, something might happen.

You can also post a review of your bad experience with the attorney on one of the leading attorney advice sites, Avvo.com.  (It comes from the Latin for advocate, which is what an attorney is supposed to be.)

And good luck out there!

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Anonymous said...

FYI this attorney was indicted by the feds along with his chiropractor. Looks like work comp fraud!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How dare you call your self a christian and encourage somebody to post or do a bar complaint with the bar association or another website bad mouthing a attorney. HAVENT YOU EVER HEARD OF INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!

SavvyD said...

The bar association is the attorney's professional organization which decides if a violation of the attorney's license has occurred. This is absolutely the right thing to do as attorneys have rules they must follow so they are not causing serious harm to others.

You are also allowed to write what you think your experience was wherever you like, so long as you post your opinion on social media like Yelp.

Guilt or innocence is a matter for the criminal courts to decide.

Get a grip and learn the law. It's not up to you to decide who is Christian, either.

SavvyD said...

UPDATE: I received a phone call from the California Bar Association which stated that they were continuing to investigate Mr. Abromowitz's arrest and it was highly likely that Mr.Abromowitz would be losing his license from another complaint, which was not mine.

If you don't know anything about the Bar Association, they have their own court system where they have their own trials to decide if the attorney should be allowed to continue practicing law. If you look at this attorney's page, action is pending.

Anonymous said...

I used to read this blog back from 2007-2009-ish. I've just had a great time catching up! Congrats on getting married! When I was browsing the first couple pages, I was like, "Whaaaaat?"Haha.

So I used to work in a "comp" office in LA, and this is totally normal. I would get about 30-40 calls a day, but only have time to talk to 5-10 people max on the phone and give them any kind of update on their case, and any other work was to get done. Workers comp is a volume business, and besides that, 80% of our clients were malingering and just hoping for a double-digit settlement like their friend got (most of our clients were through word of mouth, and we paid a 10% referral fee to the friends, which is standard in comp). Literally, 80% -- at least -- were just exaggerating and nothing really happened.

We basically had an entire roster of doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and psychologists who would all "treat" our patients, and drive up the cost of care of the applicants, thereby increasing the value of the case (the more money the insurance company spends, the more they are willing to settle for...) Comp attorneys are mad sketchy by nature of the business.

Anyways, I'm really happy that you have continued to update your blog, since I still love blogs and think they are vastly preferable to "micro-blogging" on FB!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm really happy that you opened up to dating and marrying a non-Christian. I have seen so many people become old bachelors and spinsters because of these unrelenting religious preferences that they think they have to follow that completely get in the way of their own happiness. Just like you mention there is less of a different between Protestants and Catholics than either side would have you believe (when you take the entire world into account, SO TRUE!!! From a macro-level, they are basically culturally identical), I would say the same goes for good Christians and good atheists. Just my humble opinion/experience. Good for you!!!

SavvyD said...

Cool, anon. I've been sort of struggling to keep up with it and have been thinking about going in a different direction with blogging on a different topic. Not sure.

I'm starting to think all attorneys are bad news. I'm not going to post anything further about my case, except to say that some problems do not show up with the diagnostic tests they use. Some people really cannot get back to the work they once had.

who are you? drop me a line via email at SavvySingleChristian@yahoo.com

Jade Graham said...

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