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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stop fighting over the bathroom by getting a bedroom vanity

Recovering from surgery means I have been watching alot of TV.  Currently, some of my favorite shows include those design shows on HGTV - Home and Garden Television.  One of my gripes is that it's mainly about the home and not much on the garden.  One of the frequent (and very expensive) new things is that everyone in the family wants their own bathroom, or roommates feel cramped sharing.  But the real problem is not how many bathrooms or how large the bathroom is, but how the bathroom was intended to function.

The bathroom was intended to be just for bathing,washing your hands, or using the toilet.  (OK, maybe shaving when men changed over to disposable razors.)  It was not intended as a place to lock oneself up and spend hours getting ready.  And when there are several people using the bath as a place to get ready, it's even more difficult.

A lady in former times shared the bathroom easily with others because she had a bedroom vanity for preparing herself.  Some bedroom vanities were elaborate and beautiful with many drawers for makeup, a hair dryer, or hot curlers.  Now the big thing is straightening ones hair with a flat iron.  A vanity is really the best place to accomplish everything you need to do.

You can find complete bedroom sets with a matching vanity at antique stores.  Other places make individual vanities.  It's truly a far less expensive option than buying a new home with individual bathrooms for each child, or complaining.  Any remodeling can be expensive - so if you can save by getting a vanity area set aside in your room, it's worth the savings to wait on updating the bathroom.  And when you do hire a contractor to update the bathroom, consider having a double vanity installed so that two people can use the bathroom at once.

This solution of having baroom makeup/dressing/hairstyling vanity can help you stay in a home that you thought you had outgrown, or open up the possibility of buying a home that has fewer bathrooms than you would like. 

Here are some options available for relatively inexpensive prices through Amazon.com

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