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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's Dear Abby's turn to give online dating advice

A woman wrote in to Dear Abby to express her frustration with the online dating world.  And her advice was spot on!  So I'm going to go back through her advice and give my own opinions.

1. Smile! A dour expression is unpleasant.  (Unless you are a rock star, you probably can't pull it off, so just show some teeth.  And that being said, the dour, brooding expression only seems to work when you have embarrassing teeth.  But, you can still smile without showing teeth.)
2. We may want to see you with your shirt off after we get to know you, but it’s not the most appealing or refined pose for a first look.  ('Nuff said.)
3. Be realistic. If you are Joe Average, we Jane Averages would enjoy meeting you. Are you REALLY going to hold out for a model who is a decade or so younger than you?
4. Be kind to the English language. You don’t have to be a genius, but it would be nice to know you can competently communicate in writing.  (Please don't just cut and paste something you wrote.  Find a way to tailor it to the person you are writing to.  People who seemed to put some thought into what they wrote actually got a response from me.)
5. Consider a shave. Some women like men with facial hair; the majority of the ones I know do not. About 75 percent of men over 50 have a mustache, beard or both. What are you hiding under there?  (Disagree.  Though women don't like an unkempt man, well-groomed facial hair can be very sexy.   But perhaps this is a generational thing.  In the 70s, the mustache ruled.  In the 80s and 90s, facial hair was a non-no.  But around 2008, hipsters made the full beard cool.  So, really, it depends on the guy.)
6. If you’re married and miserable, for goodness sake, go for marriage counseling or get a divorce. But please don’t deceive women who want to meet a nice guy to share life with.  (Agreed!  I went out with a few guys only to discover that they were married.)

Well, good luck out there everyone.  As you can see, it's not so easy out there for anyone.  Hope that makes you feel better.

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