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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ABC's Mistresses: Karen is pathetic

There are some actually good aspects to the show.  It really isn't about women wanting to be Mistresses.  It is about real people going through real things.  However, sometimes the characters make outrageously dumb choices.  This week, it's Karen again.
After having her license suspended for sleeping with 2 of her former clients, Karen begins practicing as a psychiatrist.  She invites one of her clients to continue sessions on a private basis.  Meanwhile, Karen's personal dating life is a mess.  She can't enjoy herself or connect with people.  While sleeping with her former clients was wrong, she did really love them.  And they just happened to be father and son.  Both are dead.  One had a fatal disease, and the other was killed by the mother/wife when he took a bullet for Karen.

Karen's client X reveals that she works as an escort.  She says she enjoys this.  She gives false names to the men and never spends a night alone.  Karen is lonely.  She goes on a date with a man who Googles her before the date and asks kinky questions.  It depresses her.  She see couples everywhere.  She asks more questions of X.  She finds the anonymity appealing.  And then she goes into business for herself.

Are you serious???  I have never seen anyone more unfit to be a professional license holder.  My thought is that she will be arrested at some point, or her patient X will be.  I've never seen a more depraved and desperate character.  These are most lost and desperate people I have ever seen on TV.

It's not just that the women on the show are godless, for many atheists have a moral compass, it's that they lack a moral compass.  They cheat, they keep secrets.  I can't figure out why they like each other.  I don't really like them because they are so stupid.  They accidentally become mistresses because they don't check out more about a man before sleeping with him.

The only reason why I will continue to watch is to see how much stupider they can be.  Also, Justin Hartley (Aquaman, Green Arrow, Smallville, Emily Owens MD, Revenge) is on the show.  It's going to be a bad story arc, but oh well.  I'm so sure it's going to be cancelled.  ABC has cancelled other shows that were doing better.

And here's the other thing that bothers me, they get so much wrong about how laws work, or how the process goes for reporting someone for violating the terms of a professional license, and the like.  It's frustrating.

I suppose the other not-so-secret reason is because I hear "Savvy" so many times.  A character named Savannah is nick-named "Savi" and pronounced Savvy.  That must be the real reason.

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