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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The dreaded Single-Gender Singles Retreat

I just got a notice from my old church singles group, the one I stopped going to because I felt it lacked a level of maturity necessary to addressing the problems of real life singles.  This time there was a notice celebrating the Single-Gender Singles Retreat.

Seriously folks!  What straight singles really need is time with their same gender.  This is the ultimate solution that singles ministries can come up with?  If anything, what singles who want to marry need are skills for dealing with the opposite sex.

Oh, and forget about the gays.  They most certainly won't feel included in this kind of retreat, though, I can assure that there are many single gay people attending church and seeking a place in God's kingdom.  I really wonder what the church is thinking this will accomplish.  I can, however, imagine some gay and lesbian couples quietly getting together. I can also imagine that if the retreat is conducted simultaneously, that there will be more than a few who want to be around the opposite sex and jump the fence to the other side or text each other constantly.

I'm out. The last retreat I found seriously annoying for its attempt to create community and force us all into sharing more than we felt comfortable sharing with people who weren't really our friends and weren't going to be our friends.  I left the retreat halfway through it.

I finally unsubscribed to the newsletter.  I don't even know why I hadn't done it before.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Women's health is more than just contraception

As it has been for many years, people absorb themselves in arguments about whether or not they should provide contraception as part of their company health plans, and whether or not they can get a religious exemption if they aren't a religious organization, but are Christians.  Such health matters are difficult to regulate.  But the real issue is that women's health means more than that.