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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tauriel is just the kind of kickass The Hobbitt needed, plus a dash of starcrossed love

Seriously, love Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel.
Let's be honest.  We already know that this one just isn't for the Tolkien purists.  The Hobbitt went off the rails in the first installment.  And there's no going back now.  They brought Legolas back into the action.  The first film seemed bloated with action and lacked character development.  I've decided to embrace the chaos. 

And in this installment, instead of Kili and Fili helping Bilbo to find the door to the mountain, instead of camping in the Mirkwood forest for a month with dwarves establishing their characters through sharing their lore and singing their songs to each other, we got Tauriel played by Evangeline Lilly.   Really, it seems like a fair trade.

It's like Tauriel was meant to be.  The virtual lack of female characters in The Hobbit meant there was a bit of a hole.  Instead of a princess (Arwen) or a sorceress (Galadriel), we get the self-made Army captain of the guard with mad skillz.  For some reason, she's so magnetic that we seem to have forgotten Eowyn who dressed for battle and killed the Ring Wraith.  She had a thing for Aragorn, but then married Faramir. 

Evangeline Lilly will not end up being the series equivalent of Jar Jar Binks.  She's pulling off her character with charm and finesse.  Just watching the interviews, she's definitely got a lot to add to the franchise.

Tauiel has more on her mind than romance with a dwarf.  If you haven't seen the film, the chemistry between Kili and Tauriel is obvious.  She's determined to put her mad skillz to use saving the world, fighting evil, healing, and helping.  No shrinking violet here.  She is as fierce as all women wish we could be.  She has that Buffy-esque kick-ass magnetism.

And there is a reason for liking this star-crossed romance between a graceful elf and a hairy dwarf. Granted, Kili has been made taller and less hairy.  And she's being portrayed as a shorter elf, after all, she's not royal.  She's a commoner.  Let's not forget that Kili and Fili are heirs to the dwarf throne.  So, they are royal.  Weird, huh?  Either that or Tauriel just can't seem to pick the right guy.

The theme of star-crossed love between different species in the Tolkien world translates well to the modern world where there are interracial couples and intermarriage between people of different religions.  While I often hear that marrying "your own kind" is supposed to make things smoother, it often doesn't.  Still, it's not like white dwarf and black dwarf, leaving us all on pins and needles, wondering how they are going to make this thing work.  It's beyond that.  And wondering if this will open up some compassionate dialog.  If an elf and a dwarf can be in love, then why not black and white, or Asian and black?

In the LOTR/Hobbit world there is precedent set for these cross-species love affairs.  Arwen is half human/half elf and in love with Aragorn, she decides to stay with him, giving up her immortality.  Gimli has an obvious crush on Lady Galadriel.  Would it be so wrong to write a whole different ending, such as Kili abdicating being an heir to the throne for his Sylvan Elf who gives up immortality for him? 

Spoiler alert, brothers Kill and Fili are supposed to die at the end.  At least that's how it is in the book.  But, then, the writers already jumped the shark.  I'm convinced that the lovers will die battling evil, side by side.  And with that, we will have to be satisfied.  Keep in your back pocket that they really aren't very good at staying perfectly true to Tolkien.  They might have everyone live.  And the short, hairy guy walks off into the sunset with the tall, badass, redhaired girl...

Let's get to know Evageline Lilly and Tauriel, and try to remember that this is only based on Tolkien.  And I'm convinced that if Tolkien were alive today, he'd be wishing he thought of that, just to spice things up.  And I think he'd be quite impressed with Smaug, the dragon.

How can you not love her speaking some Elvish in an interview??

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