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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Do you hate fat people?

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook about an NPR article called Hating on Fat People Just Makes Them Fatter and it's totally worth repeating.
It doesn't make someone fatter, your criticism just isn't going to help because you have no clue as to why someone is overweight. So have some compassion for others and learn to be polite to people - especially those who you don't like. I deal with people being rude to me because of my weight. Last week some woman at Nordstrom actually pushed me to get past me and began criticizing my weight. While at a party a man asked me, "Have you thought about eating less?" And started telling me what I should do to lose weight because I have such a pretty face. Pretty much ruined the party for me. Someone else randomly and independently decided he was going to "hold me accountable" and ask me about my weight and workout schedule every time he ran into me as his self-assigned spiritual duty. We are no longer friends. I do eat less than you believe. And despite a great many injuries, I try to exercise as much as my body allows. I'm pretty sure having a jacked up thyroid for the past 20 years probably has a lot to do with having a very slow metabolism. I tried to get treatment for it and doctors ignored what I had to say. Instead, some of my doctors preached at me about what I should be eating, gave me anti-depressants for the fatigue, and sent me off. I'd say that's malpractice. The standards of treatment have changed over the years and if my thyroid started having problems today instead of 20 years ago, maybe I would have started treatment before it got really bad. And no, your advice isn't going to help with that - and it never would have. Just had to say it.
PS  Don't miss the point of the NPR article.  This is "news" because Doctor Attia's quest for better answers to the problems of obesity, include his recently published study about the effects of weight descrimination.  He was motivated because, he realized that he had treated a young woman with diabetes very poorly because she was large, and clearly it was her own fault that she had to have her foot amputated.  That is, he felt that way until he developed a problem himself.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I just want to say that I've lost a lot of weight since I became a christian 1.5 years ago. The bible says that your body is temple for the holy ghost and therefore you should take good care of it. Some people are fat because of medical reasons, some of them are just lazy, but disregarding the cause, there's no reason to insult or discriminate anyone based on their weight.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog by the way!