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Monday, June 10, 2013

Let's bring back The Dating Game! (And forget The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.)

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The Bachelor and The Bachelorette sequester men and women from their friends and families for weeks on end.  The locales are straight from fantasy.  Most people will never go there.  The stakes are high and the course is set for engagement at the end of a short and intense time period.  And it's totally fake.  Instead, I'd like for us to bring back The Dating Game!  Why?

The Dating Game was a combination of real people and people who were hoping to kick start a career in entertainment.  The commitment level was low.  If the date you won sucked, it was just a date.  If you didn't win a date, at least you got a gift of some kind and had something to brag about later on.

Just for laughs.  Before John Ritter was famous he was already funny as you can tell from his appearance on The Dating Game.  Entertaining was in his blood as the son of beloved singing cowboy Tex Ritter.  He's passed on the gene to son Jason Ritter.  I'm a sucker for anyone from this talented family.  Bachelor number 2 here is cute, and if John Ritter weren't so funny, #2 might have been the one selected.  Bonus to the Bachelorette John was extremely good looking and charming.  They certainly had a great time-even if nothing came of it.

Farah Fawcett on The Dating Game; isn't she sweet?  She hopes to open her own art gallery! And yes, this setup is clearly fake as all of the participants are in the entertainment industry.  Please note, they send a "Dating Game chaperone."

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.  Maureen McCormick guests on The Dating Game. Of coure, she never went out on the date, something suddenly came up!  Just kidding.  (You might remember that line from a Brady Bunch episode about dating.) This is actually her second appearance; obviously promoting The Brady Bunch which ran from 1969-1974.  Barry Williams (Greg Brady) also showed up on The Dating Game.  If you watch part two, "The Dating Game chaperone gets a mention.  What's with her weird habit of licking her lips?

The Dating Terminator. Arnold Schwartzenegger...terminates two out of three and gets and English lessons.  Hang on through the slightly modern commercials until it comes back to see who he picks!  One of the contestants has an interesting job!

What?  Andy Kaufmann deconstructs life, the universe, and everything on The Dating Game. He lost the date and won notoriety...and maybe a watch.

Not just a dumb blonde.  Suzanne Somers always played dumb blondes, however you can tell that she wasn't.

Hey Surfer Girl. Sally Field appeared on this episode with a 1st runner up in the Miss America beauty pageant, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Sally's part begins at about 11:00. Cute as a button!

The Dating Game is "killer."  Just like real life, there were some bona fide creeps.  The "successful photographer" here is serial killer Rodney James Alcala!  Rumor has it that the girl backed out of the date because he gave her the creeps.

I think this show had the right attitude.  Even though a date MIGHT be a potential mate, sometimes you just went out and had fun flying to Tahoe for dinner.  For more about who was on The Dating Game, check out Wikipedia.

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