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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Seeking Asian female? Maybe you shouldn't.

seeking asian female
It's called "Yellow Fever" in some circles.  Some guys want a cute, submissive Asian woman to love and serve them.  For some this is successful.  But often it ends in tragedy.  PBS will be showing a documentary called "Seeking Asian Female" about an older man who finds love online with a foreign woman.  In the comments regarding this show, a man tells his story of finding love online and being left in the dust after a few short years.  Actually, the rest of the comments flesh out about the same story.

Any woman would actually have to be quite ambitious to sign up to find love online and leave their families hoping to find a better life.  But once they find it, learn English, and catch up on the cultural differences, they don't need the man anymore, do they?  Well-unless he's very good looking and wealthy.  But, friends, a good looking and wealthy man wouldn't need to be seeking this kind of love arrangement, would he??? He would be able to find an Asian woman in the urban area where he lives.

In any case, I love documentaries and plan to watch this one when I get the chance.  The sizzle page written by the director is well written.  Ultimately it her documentary is about unlearning bad stereotypes.
Sandy comes to realize that both Steven and life in America are not as ideal as she had expected. But as she confronts many of Steven’s bad habits, he begins to change. His obsession with many Asian women becomes a deep commitment to one — and he recognizes that in order to keep Sandy, he must learn how to be a caring, respectful, and culturally sensitive husband. Above all he must confront the reality of marriage — not to the sweet innocent girl he imagined, but to a demanding, strong-willed Asian woman. 


The director also created a companion website at www.theyreallsobeautiful.com which talks about "yellow fever" as a fetish.  There are 5 webisodes discussing various aspects of the Asian fetish and invites discourse in the comments.  It's interesting, I have a deep admiration for Japanese culture as does my man.  He practiced Judo for many years.  He likes animation from Japan.  And we both like Japanese art.

I love it when the woman says at the end of this clip "Every day is a reminder that I'm not that submissive."

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Kevin Sanders said...

For what it's worth, I'm happily married to a Filipina and I've met many other Westerners who are also in stable, loving marriages to Filipina women.

I'm sure the documentary is interesting, but it represents the extreme end of things (understatement).

Technically speaking, a preference for one race or another is not a "fetish."

SavvyD said...

I understand what you are getting at. To be fair, your situation is quite different. You were doing missionary work out there and stayed out there. It's only natural that you should fall in love out there in the Philippines. There are guys out there who objectify women in a sexual manner or are titillated by them only because they are Asian and that is a fetish just like someone might be turned on by feet or shoes or whatever.

SavvyD said...
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SavvyD said...

Here is an articles about the film from NPR. Many people find a person (usually male) who specifically is sexually attracted to certain features to be "creepy." In any case, here it is:


Meowchie's Hideout said...

I'm ASIAN by the way :(
and your title is disturbing. It's like you're telling guys not even try to take Asian women seriously. Anyway it's your own opinion in your own blog.

Not all Asian are yellow skinned you know. :)

Most have light browned skin.

If I would write about something, I would choose to make readers happy than to make them uneasy about 1 topic I'm writing. I'm very considerate of how they would feel.

God Bless!

Christian Dating

SavvyD said...

Hello Meowchie,

I find the subject disturbing as well. If you looked at the links you would see where this is coming from. You would also see that many Asian women do not like it when a guy likes them specifically because they are Asian.

This was about her film presented on PBS "Seeking Asian Female" and about her other short films. Did you take a look at those?

I personally did not like it when I was approached by men who were interesting in dating me because they "always wanted to try dating a ______ girl." I would always turn those down because I felt like it didn't have anything to do with me.

So before you criticize me for writing about it, please take a look at the links FIRST.

SavvyD said...

I used quotes around "yellow fever" as a reference to the ASIAN FILMMAKER'S terminology. I was quoting HER. I believe it might be that you are offended by her and she is Asian using this terminology. You might want to know that there are some men who promote dating foreign women because they perceive them to be more submissive and compliant. The truth is more complex.