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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma tornado brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in 2013

The Bad - A tornado hit Oklahoma Monday destroying homes and killing a few people.
The Good - A little old lady's prayers were answered when both she and her dog were alright.  Many people survived - even if their homes were decimated.

The Ugly - Pat Robertson's commentary.  Is this man really a Christian?  He shows no compassion for people whatsoever.  I wouldn't want him to be my pastor!  Videos below...

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MarkyMark said...


But I thought Mr. Robertson had a valid point: if you build houses where natural disasters happen, you can't be surprised or angry when they wreck your house. For example, if you build a house along the coast, the ocean can destroy it; whether by hurricane, tsunami, or something else, the ocean can destroy that house.

For example, before I bought my house, my Realtor asked me if I wanted to look at a cute, 3BR ranch along the river here. I said no; there will be flooding issues. After all, the house is less than 100 feet from the river bank. I opted to buy a smaller, more expensive place on high ground. BTW, the road where the river house is has flooded out like 12-15 times over the past four years. Even though the house itself wasn't affected, I still wouldn't have been able to get out to go anywhere. But yeah, if you're stupid enough to build a house where natural disasters can and do happen, you cannot be surprised or angry when you home gets destroyed.


SavvyD said...

So, my issue is when people say that this is because of God. Natural disasters are just that, natural events. They would happen whether there were people present or not. Nature is not evil and God isn't judging people through these natural events. When people lived in grass huts or teepees, they certainly didn't worry about spending billions to rebuild a skyscraper if it burned or came crumbling down. Haven't watched this video in ages, though. So 'scuse me if my comments are off.

Good for you to pick the right house in the right location.