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Friday, March 29, 2013

Who decides what you or your kids wear? YOU DO! Victoria's Secret and the Christian or parent

What's the big deal?  They are just underwear, right?  Apparently there are some problems with this whole Victoria's Secret marketing campaign, but it's not necessarily based on complete truth.
Victoria's Secret is not marketing to tweens.  Just so you know, Victoria's secret is a part of Limited Brands The Limited clothing store for women.  They exploded in the 80s with offshoots like Limited Express, etc.  Limited Inc. at one time included Lerner, Lane Bryant, The Limited, Express, and The Limited Too, and Ambercrombie and Fitch.  Ambercrombie and Fitch spun off on their own naughty way, and Limited Too eventually became Justice: Just for Girls.  Structure became Express For Men, and now Sears owns it.  Weird.

Limited Brands is now limited (haha) to Victoria's Secret, PINK, Henri Bendel, Bath and Body Works, White Barn Candle Company, and new brand La Senza which is high end lingerie.  They basically have (or have had) every body part, every age, and every size covered.

The main controversy raging is over PINK which is a brand within Victoria's Secret.  PINK targets college aged girls and celebrates campus life according to their own website.  If you market to college age, the end result is that high schoolers will also be interested in whatever it is - particularly because it makes them feel more grown up.  However, as heartbreaking as the letter from a Houston Pastor/Dad blog post is, he isn't dealing with the correct information.

Yes, Justin Bieber was in the Victoria's Secret fashion show.  Yes, little girls love Justin Bieber.  But let's face it, Justin Bieber is now a 19-year-old MAN.  He is over the age of 18.  If he wants to have a new sexy image rather than being a child, then it's his prerogative.  It's time to get over thinking of him as an innocent and sweet child because he just isn't anymore.

As Snopes always does, they looked into it for truth and lies.  And let's face it, not everyone thinks Victoria's Secret is always cool.  Sometimes their models look really stupid.  Some moms think it's perfectly OK to have big girl's panties because girls change together in the locker room and no one wants to be the girl with ugly underwear.

What it really comes down to for parents is that YOU are the arbiters of taste for your children.  If you don't want the catalog coming to your house, then opt out.  If you don't want to shop there, then don't.  If you don't want your kids shopping there, guide their purchases.  If you don't want them to watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show, don't let them. 

If you don't want your minor child wearing slogans like "Wild" or "Call Me" then teach them why they should not debase themselves - or at least if that's your opinion of it.  Some people might think it's silly fun since they and their roommates are the only ones who will see.  And yes, some will think the undies are fun because they are out there enjoying themselves.

You can still teach your kids what you think is appropriate.  However, you cannot stop an adult from wearing what she pleases.  And you cannot stop kids from wishing they were older and had the right to do adult things.  And you can instead give them those cute days of the week underwear that many of us grew up with.  You can find stores which sell age appropriate product lines.  Yes, your kids might be looking to Victoria's Secret at some point, but you'll have to decide what point they can make decisions for themselves about these things. Sometimes children may have completely different morals than their parents.

And you cannot stop Christian adults from wearing nice underwear. Nice underwear isn't only for married women.  Just because your single doesn't mean you can only wear granny underpants or can't wear something sexy under your temple garments.  (Just being inclusive of my Mormon friends.)  If it bothers you, please remember that you aren't supposed to be looking at people for their underwear purchases, but for what is in their hearts. 

That is all.

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