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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 = what are your resolutions?

It's another new year.  It's another time to make resolutions.

Why is it that the same ones seem to make the list every year??

What's on your list???

Click to find out what's on mine...

Last year or the year before that... or maybe for the past 10 years... I have vowed to lose weight.  No success here.  My eating habits are better.  I eat less.  It just doesn't seem to translate to pounds lost on the scale.  I suppose I have more injuries to thank for that.  Yes, more injuries, more severely cutting back on the diet, and not being able to exercise pretty much blows this one every. single. year.

I really can't think of anything else that was noteworthy.

Oh, wait.  Yes, one year I vowed not to make any resolutions.  That was the only one that worked.  I wasn't disappointed at the end of the year.

I suppose I'm not really completely disappointed in not losing weight because at least I didn't gain.  I also vowed to eat healthier, so it wasn't a complete wash.  I'm cold all the time and wonder if I don't have low thyroid.  Fiance says not to diagnose myself and that I probably have poor circulation.  I hate doctors, but I will go anyway and see if I can convince them to do anything this time.

I suppose I will also resolve to grow some of my own vegetables.  Or, actually, continue growing them.  I've got a few things growing now.  My garden includes lettuce, strawberries, mint, jalapenos that were almost killed off by snails, green onions, cilantro, saffron crocus that obstinately refuse to bloom, marigolds that were eaten up by slugs, and two avocado trees I've sprouted from the pits. I've killed quite a few seedlings in order to get there.  I'm hoping to add tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans in the spring.  Fiance helped me with our great invasion of snails when it rained which shall forever go into the books as "Snailmageddon."  I'm also trying to grow camomile in hopes of making my own tea and then selling it.

Perhaps I should resolve to get my business plan together for a little business I am thinking of starting.  And to continue getting rid of stuff I don't need on eBay and through Amazon.  I've done fairly well.  It was better than just giving thousands of dollars of stuff away to Goodwill.

Sooooo cute!  But this little cutie-pie lost its life in "Snailmageddon."  

It's the sharp knife of a short life...

Until next time...stay Savvy.

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