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Friday, November 16, 2012

Paul Ryan, the Republicans. and the Tea Party want to lead us to ruin

Lately people have been talking a great deal about personal freedom, liberty, and individual achievement.  I'm starting to question this philosophy.  Big business hurts the little guy.  It hurts you if you take a job at a Walmart or similar business.  It hurts small businesses.  It hurts the majority of Americans who can't get anything better because of where they live.  Aren't you wondering why bankers got bailouts and bonuses when you can't even get your house refinanced? When you lost your house and had to move into an apartment?

PBS has a video up that I found very interesting.  People are running around accusing Obama of being a socialist, yet his domestic policies regarding poor Americans are less supportive than they were under Reagan.  This video will be up at PBS through this weekend - only until November 19th, 2012.  It would be a great idea to check out Park Avenue:  Money, Power, & the American Dream

People were willing to listen to Obama 2016 and see something there.  What about this video?  Are you willing to watch it and give it a chance?  Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan want to set you out on ear. Whose individual achievement are they trying to protect?  I can tell you right now, it's mainly about the wealthy cause they certainly don't care about yours.  But they certainly

The Hammock theory is interesting.  Paul Ryan was pushing the idea of people getting comfortable in a "hammock," kicking up their feet, and not putting in any hustle.  In reality, you get very little benefit from food stamps unless you are buying beans and rice for your family and making everything from scratch.  Who DOES that nowadays?  Hardly anyone, I assure you. The video also discusses some other important concepts, or cultural shifts in thought. I'd like to know what is this crap idea about low income people not paying taxes. I agree with one of the pundits who stated, "If you can take the resentment of the middle class and point it downward instead of upward, then you can win politically." I'm not sure if that's the exact quote. But this video truly gives a great deal to think about!

I'm really thanking God that Romney did not win. Obama's social policies aren't as generous as people think, but at least Obama attempts to look out for the less fortunate in his policies.
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