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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Election fighting went too far - will relationships be repaired?

This election seemed to bring out the worst in many people.  I had some personal run-ins with people that now make me uncomfortable with them.  It is one thing to hold beliefs and opinions about politics.  It is another entirely to run over your husband because he didn't vote, or to leave a dead pig in Romney's campaign headquarters.  My own experiences dealt with a former boyfriend posting, "Whoever voted for Obama can unfriend me."  Many people began question the faith of anyone who could support the other candidate.  Others posted references to Obama 2016 as if it were the definitive word on the President rather than someone's propaganda.  In other situations, Black people were disowned by their families when they voted for Romney.  And another friend of mine sent me mean emails about my choice and my fact-checking and my assertion that Obama is a Christian.  I can't look at him the same because of it.  Here is our conversation...

  • Octobarrr 26
  • Friend

    Seriously - drop it.
    The comment:(Octobarrr 26, 2012): 3million troops served in the Civil War, along with about the same bayonets and some even had swords... And then there was the cavalry... You could say we use "fewer horses and bayonets" the pres was correct.
  • Me

    Oh, so you want to say what you want rather than look at some facts. OK. No problem.
  • Friend

    The president was being an ass - not trying to make a substantive point. Your noble "fact finding" is pathetic and sad.
  • Me

    I love being pathetic and sad.
    I thought it was funny.
    At least you acknowledge that my fact finding is "noble"????
  • Friend

    As "noble" as the media who cover for every other stupid thing he says.
  • Me

    Thanks, friend. no need to personally insult me for the views I hold, I did not do that to you. It's not my style.

  • BTW 'twas Mitt Romney himself who drove me away from the Republican party. I have voted Republican in the past - about 50/50. If I voted them in, I want them out; if I didn't vote for them first time around, I want them to stay in.
  • Friend

    You support Obama, and I think he's a small petty man in an empty suit. I'm not sure how you wouldn't take that personally. Lucky for you, 60% of California is on your side and not mine.
  • Me

    I have heard your opinion. We will have to agree to disagree on this matter as I'm not really interested in arguing with you. I always liked you.
And that was how I ended it at the time.  I've heard some other distasteful rumors about this friend and continued to give him the benefit of a doubt because we had been friends at one time and I was not friends with his ex-girlfriend.  I decided that what I was hearing about him was part gossip.  But when he decided to go after me, well, let's just say I have different feelings about him for sure now.

I guess I don't feel like I like him so much anymore.  I would have voted Green Party if it weren't for the fact that it would essentially be a wasted vote.  Why didn't they let these other candidates appear for the debates.  Anderson got to appear for the Independent Party many years ago.

Does it make any difference that this friend of mine was/is supposed to be a Christian?  Or that he was once and ordained minister?  I would have to say that I don't think he has or ever had the spiritual gifting for it.  Now that I see the ugly side of him, I wonder he he seemed to have fooled so many people for so long.  It's troubling.  Did any of you have relationship troubles around the election?

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