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Monday, November 12, 2012

Are you popular?

While some people decry this level of social conformity to be a bit much, we'd all be better off if some of us were a bit nicer to each other.  Coronet Instructional films came from the Family Life Institute of The University of Oklahoma.  I love their outfits and the archaic slang.  And of course, the VOICE OF WISDOM over the top of it all.  Carolyn wins the date, follows the rules, and politely expects the same of others.  It's sort of campy, but kind of cute.  And of course, follows parental expectations that you not hang out on the phone for hours!  It's really another "Dating Dos And Donts" kind of video.

I just noticed that some of these were remade a decade later with a different, slightly more belligerent drawl. The 1940s version is much better.  However, the 1950s version isn't completely horrible.  But they do the things that teenagers actually do like bit and lick their lips while on the phone - even though it certainly doesn't look good. My how times have changed in just ten years.  Instead of skating, they are going to a movie and getting in a car.  If you have time, you should watch the 1950s one, but if not, just watch the 1940s one because it really is better.

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