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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Are you ready for marriage? How old should you be?

Is there a case for early marriage?  Some think so.  Some think that we as Christians should marry young so that we avoid sin.  I'm sorry, but there doesn't appear to be a real escape hatch for getting away from all sin.  In a rush to marry,  some have made unwise choices.  Perhaps the move to helping teens make wiser choices and scaring them into waiting actually worked.  And some of you may have seen it coming, but in the 1950s someone came up with an Instructional Film on the topic of Marriage...

Election fighting went too far - will relationships be repaired?

This election seemed to bring out the worst in many people.  I had some personal run-ins with people that now make me uncomfortable with them.  It is one thing to hold beliefs and opinions about politics.  It is another entirely to run over your husband because he didn't vote, or to leave a dead pig in Romney's campaign headquarters.  My own experiences dealt with a former boyfriend posting, "Whoever voted for Obama can unfriend me."  Many people began question the faith of anyone who could support the other candidate.  Others posted references to Obama 2016 as if it were the definitive word on the President rather than someone's propaganda.  In other situations, Black people were disowned by their families when they voted for Romney.  And another friend of mine sent me mean emails about my choice and my fact-checking and my assertion that Obama is a Christian.  I can't look at him the same because of it.  Here is our conversation...

Friday, November 16, 2012

This isn't my idea of pro-life!

The world is ablaze over this.  Rather than a freak situation, this one where the life of the mother could have been saved.  This is what should have been an exception.  31 year old Savita Halappanavar's water broke when she was 17 weeks pregnant.  The fetus was not viable.  It lived for a few more days until it's heart stopped.  Savita was suffering from an infection which caused the miscarriage.  There was nothing to be done for the fetus.  If her body had expelled the fetus, perhaps she could have been saved.  But that's not what happened.  Doctors waited until the fetal heartbeat stopped to treat the Savita's infection.  The sad thing is that Ireland does actually allow for abortions when the life of the mother was in danger.  But even though that phrase is present in the law, that doesn't mean anyone believes that a mother's life is ever in danger.  It appears they didn't think Savita was in any danger.  And it appears they were wrong.

Savita had a heartbeat, too!

They won't just go home...

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Paul Ryan, the Republicans. and the Tea Party want to lead us to ruin

Lately people have been talking a great deal about personal freedom, liberty, and individual achievement.  I'm starting to question this philosophy.  Big business hurts the little guy.  It hurts you if you take a job at a Walmart or similar business.  It hurts small businesses.  It hurts the majority of Americans who can't get anything better because of where they live.  Aren't you wondering why bankers got bailouts and bonuses when you can't even get your house refinanced? When you lost your house and had to move into an apartment?

Walmart Black Friday commercials feature Satanic music by AC/DC

For those about the SHOP, we salute you!  You've been sold a bill of goods that Walmart is a Christian company which espouses Christian values.  They won't carry certain items in their store because of their values, etc.  I actually can't find very much to indicate that they are much in the way of Christian, it's more likely that they have exploited a certain image while they were exploiting kids in sweatshops.  But I can tell you that when it came to picking an exciting song for their commercial, they went with AC/DC's "Back In Black."

You know this band, right?  They are the band with some other great songs:  "Big Balls," "Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)," "You Shook Me All Night Long," "Hells Bells,"and the great classicas, "Highway to Hell" and "For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)."  Lots of Christians probably won't recognize those chords and the flourish on the guitar, but I sure did.  My brother loved AC/DC and he would make me listen with him.  I'm hard pressed to say that I didn't enjoy singing along sometimes.

Please check out the commercial and the video.  I get it on a very basic level.  They are "Back In Black." for Black Friday.  And in fact, if they weren't allowing and encouraging the image of the themselves as Christian company I wouldn't mind it in the least.  In fact, you could say that AC/DC did pretty much the same thing, allowing and encouraging an image that they were somehow in league with the devil because it sold more records.  In other words, I don't actually think they are Satanic.  But it's something for you who ARE bothered by it to know the truth and a make a decision about where to shop based on that. 

Here is a link to an ACDC video "Back In Black" with "Highway to Hell."

In case you want to give them a piece of your mind, I found the corporate complaints form online.  It says,  "Walmart is committed to providing you superior customer service and a pleasant shopping experience."  Really?  I don't think so, therefore I don't shop there.

And just so you know, AC/DC's fans don't like that the band licensed their song to Walmart.  They also aren't very happy that AC/DC's "Black Ice" album from 2008 was sold exclusively through Walmart.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Get More Dates!!

I couldn't get enough of these instructional videos!

Remember this is from the 1940s!!  Do find Kay too forward?  What do you do to get through a "dating slump"?

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Are you popular?

While some people decry this level of social conformity to be a bit much, we'd all be better off if some of us were a bit nicer to each other.  Coronet Instructional films came from the Family Life Institute of The University of Oklahoma.  I love their outfits and the archaic slang.  And of course, the VOICE OF WISDOM over the top of it all.  Carolyn wins the date, follows the rules, and politely expects the same of others.  It's sort of campy, but kind of cute.  And of course, follows parental expectations that you not hang out on the phone for hours!  It's really another "Dating Dos And Donts" kind of video.

Dating: Dos and Don'ts

Back in the 1940s when this gem of a film was made, people weren't told not to date.  And some brilliant company, Coronet Instructional Films, made just that.  Instructional films about morality, behaviors, and getting along with people.  It seems like an idyllic "Leave It To Beaver" world.  In some ways it sure would be nice if people still dated like this or thought these thing through before going on a date.  Enjoy!!
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Words of Wisdom from Dear Abby

I don't usually read Dear Abby, however, this answer proved to be very insightful.  Some men are absolutely mystified as to why a woman they treat well doesn't respond in kind.  Do not waste time with these women.  Find one who does appreciate being treated well.  If you find yourself clinging to someone who doesn't want you, this is on you.

DEAR ABBY: Can a man be too good to a woman?