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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Obama is Christian, this is the final word.

Friends, I've had it up to here. I've not always been Obama's biggest fan, but I'm tired of the vicious rumors and speculation which Obama has faced throughout his presidency. Obama is Christian. Get over it now.

You may have heard that he was a Muslim. It just isn't true. If it's important you that your candidate is a Christian, please know that Obama is definitely a Christian. He takes his family to church when they can get there.

Times have definitely changed, the President cannot go to church without security in tow and a compliment of reporters with their cameras. Rather than being a private, worshipful affair as it was in years past, it is disruptive.

The only real option for any President has been to worship at St. John's Episcopal Church right across the street from the White House. That's all well and good if you are Episcopal. If not, getting to church could be an ordeal.

Some of you may not be aware (because you are in your holy bubble) that every denomination has a different style of worship. The Episcopal Church is a high church formal service much like the Catholic church - but it is not Catholic, it is a Protestant denomination.

Obama may not be "your" style of Christian. He isn't perfect. He may not go every Sunday today, but I think that given the circumstances, God understands. Not only that, I can guarantee you that none of the Presidents past made it to church every single Sunday. Apparently it did not matter as much to people because there was not an endless commentary about it.

Why do people suspect Obama of being Muslim? It's really quite simple and quite complex. Somewhere in the average American's mind, powerful Black figures became associated with Islam because of the Black Power movement. Cassius Clay converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammed Ali. For some reason because Obama decided to go by his birth name instead of his nickname of Barry and his stepfather's name Soetero. His middle name is Hussein, but it does not make him Muslim. This is also ridiculous as Martin Luther King Jr. was a devout and imperfect Christian man. But we are talking about average people who don't seem to understand that Obama's name change did not come with a conversion to Islam. He did, however, respond to an altar call at a Christian church.

The second reason why people have come to believe that Obama is Muslim is because his birth father and his step-father were. I really don't want to hear this crap about how Islam is passed through the father or through his name change because Obama's father left the family when the President was 2 years old. Obama was raised around Christian people since his mother sent him to live with his grandparents in Hawaii. Friends, you do not inherit your religious practice - religious practice is taught and actually practiced by the person.

Please take a look at the following articles.

2004 article where Obama talks about faith and going to church EVERY SUNDAY as a Senator in Chicago. Obama on Faith.

Obama went to church with his daughters at St. John's Sunday before hurricane Sandy hit. There is a charming photo of him holding hands with his daughters in The Christian Science Monitor.

And last, as if it were anyone's business, here is an article about where Obama went with the family on Easter of 2011 from the Christian Science Monitor - Easter Sunday: Where did Obama Go to Church?

I don't recall seeing anything like this for any prior president. Are You really just being distrustful because he is a different race than you? Because he has a foreign name? Because his name doesn't come from the Bible? Have you heard things from people you thought were trustworthy but now you realize that they just heard something and didn't bother to check into it? Search deep in your heart.

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Anonymous said...

thank goodness for this blog! finally someone with a fair, balanced view on Obama's faith. as a black uk citizen it has saddened me to see how quickly the fall from grace for him has come...one minute being likened to martin luther, the next to osama bin laden! since when did any christian have to justify their faith to another? since when did the president have to answer such intense scrutiny by his own people? if only people had been this vigilant a few years back, george w. bush may never have been elected!

SavvyD said...

Thanks for your comments. Please do pass it along.

MarkyMark said...

Anyone who thinks Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian is on DRUGS! Yeah, I said it! Matthew 7:16 & 20 say that 'ye shall know them by their FRUITS', and Obama's 'fruits' are anything but Christian. Can anyone say partial birth abortion? How can anyone support abortion, let alone that BARBARIC form thereof, and be a Christian? Sorry, but you're dead wrong on this one, Darlin'...