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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just say no to Genetically Modified Food!!! We need to take care of God's creation.

I'm aware that the majority of my readers do not come from California. But there is something close to my heart which I feel is important. That is that all of our food should be labeled to state whether or not it is genetically modified.

Right now Prop 37 proposes that food be labelled.  It doesn't seem like this will really put out food manufacturers.  In fact it might mean that they will stop using genetically modified ingredients if it threatens their sales.  They redesign labels all the time to make changed far more vapid and unimportant than this.

Quite frankly, farmers are working harder and making less money. Part of the reason is that these genetically modified crops do not deliver as promised.  Farmers are not allowed to save seeds for the next year's crop and must purchase seeds from the manufacturer.  Obviously, they are selling farmers on the "latest technology," forcing them to sign contracts, and then charging them a relatively insane amount compared to saving seeds (which was free except for the labor.)

Part of the reason why I am against this kind of modification is that it tampers with genetic structure of organisms which we do not completely understand.  God did not intend for this.  It is proper for humans to use their wisdom to graft species, or to breed species for a trait, however, I just don't see how it is proper to alter genetic structures.  It's wreaking havoc.

One of the genetic modifications causes crops to be tolerant to herbicides which are sprayed onto the plant.  The problem with the herbicide is that, through it may be washed off, that some weeds are apparently also tolerant to the herbicide.  When these weeds reproduce, obviously the next generation will not be killed off.  I'm all about trusted sources, so check out an article about this from the NY Times, and another from Business Week.  It's not just a bunch of crazies!

I'm starting to wonder why people are not putting some of these superweeds to good use.  In other countries what is called pigweed is used as food.  Amarath palmieri is a strain of Amaranth.  the leaves, stems, and seeds are edible. The seeds can be used to make flour, etc.  But it is called a weed when a farmer wants to grow his monculture.  (Really, watch Fresh on Netflix.)

This causes more work for the farmers who must then pull weeds the old-fashioned way.  Really, who cares about a few stupid weeds?  I don't. I know they take some water, but I feel it's preferable to the use of herbicides - especially when DDT and Agent Orange (by Dow and Monsanto) are prior herbicides which were deemed safe, and then unsafe after wreaking havoc.

Agent Orange seemed like a really great idea with the warfare in Vietnam.  Guerrilla warfare in thick jungles was intended to be fought by spraying Agent Orange on these dense jungles so that American forces could find the Viet Cong.  Additionally, the substance killed off their crops.  The public was told it was perfectly safe.  And then people developed problems.  And the next generation had horrifying, deadly, and disabling birth defects.  These were the unintended casualties of war-not just for the Vietnamese people, but for our own Veterans.

Another form of genetic modification is to insert an insecticide into the crop. This obviously kills the insects.  However, it only lasts so long.  Not only do the surviving insects pass on this tolerance to the next generation, there are unintended victims.  These crops cause harm to non-pest populations such as bees and butterflies which ingest and roll around in the pollen. Pollen is essential to making honey which humans love as much as bees.  Check out this article from Bloomberg, and another from the BBC.

My personal recommendation for the proper care of God's creation is to buy Organic as food must be grown without pesticides or herbicides.  I also firmly believe that God did not intend for animals of any kind to be crowded together into feed lots, or feed grains instead of grasses, or administered tons of hormones and antibiotics.

I doubly recommend that you watch the documentary "Fresh" which you can find on Netflix.

If we don't take care of God's creation, what will be left for future generations???

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