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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why men don't say I love you

One of the things a cousin of mine asked me recently about my boyfriend was, "Do you guys say you love each other?"

Suddenly I started to feel a little bit bad where I hadn't before. We don't.

And then I began to wonder why we don't. So we talked about it. I told him what my cousin said. I told him, "I guess I don't worry about it very much because sometimes you just know how someone feels from the way they treat you."

Well, gee, it could be that we've also been talking about getting married in little hints. In January he said, "I've been thinking about making a big change in my life regarding you." My heart started beating really fast. Wow! I started to think I was unloveable. It had been so long since I had dated anyone regularly.

Or maybe, the words really aren't going to mean anything unless they are backed up by behavior. Quite frankly, I'd much rather a man show me he loves me every day than to just hear it. Sometimes talk is cheap.

My boyfriend then said, "I don't say it very much because that makes it more real." He rubbed his cheek against my hand and kissed it. It's true. Sometimes you just know.

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Robin said...

I don't think the number of times has to have an effect - my husband and I probably say it five times a day. But I agree that it should be said out of genuine feeling, not a sense of obligation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it depends on the person. Some people like to hear it more than see it, and some people like to see it more than hear it.

And then there are some who probably like to hear it and see it.


the Watchdog of Dating said...

I am filipino girl who had been dating to an american guy. We started out as friends and had a relationship. It took like EIGHT MONTHS for him to finally say I love you! At first I thought it was weird coz for filipino singles we do say a lot of I love you's alllll the time! But then he said "I may say it just once, but when I do, It truly comes from the bottom of my heart"