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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mom weighs in on men's table manners - "It's a man thing"

I told my mom about my concern that here is this otherwise great professional man I am going out with who eats like a pig. And then she said, "It's a man thing."
Huh? Oh? Just a man thing? Yes, it's just a man thing. "But I know some men who are really good abut this."

"Yes, but your grandmother always had a hard time with your grandfather. He used to eat really fast and she always had to tell him to slow down. And I always have to tell your father not to pile his plate high at a buffet. You can always go back. He's really terrible. I also have to tell him not to lick his knife and things like that. It's just a man thing."
Ah. So it's just a man thing. I guess I have to wonder how much I actually like men. I've also seen a few women be really terrible. A friend of mine smacked her food and licked her fingers when we went out recently. Perhaps it's an area where all of us slip.

I really like men.  In fact, there are some women with really terrible table manners also.   And, by the way, I'm still with the guy.  In fact, his table manners have improved, though he still slips sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

At least he's improving. So that's a good thing.

My mom used to date a guy who would lick his plate after he finished eating.


Robin said...

I once went out with a guy (not my husband) who insisted that I try some of the food he ordered. By "insisted" I mean that he pouted and used an on-the-edge-of-tears voice.

My brother used to know a girl who, at Mexican restaurants, would take nacho chips (the ones they often give you as appetizers) and crush them down into the bowl with her hand, making a bunch of little crumb-like pieces.

SavvyD said...

@Robyn, HILARIOUS! How did you not start laughing hysterically at him?

As for that girl, there are things we may do by ourselves that we should not do in from of others.

I think you might enjoy reading a previous article I wrote about this topic - just click on Table Manners below!!

Rozy Lass said...

Manner matter--whether male or female. If you want a good example for your future sons, stay away from someone who won't improve his manners. Some people have never been taught, but when lovingly taught, improve. Others don't care, won't learn, won't change. A humble person will learn and change. I know, I married one and he's great.

SavvyD said...

This is true about anything. You must be willing to change a little for eaach other. :) I don't mean major things, you have to accept each other to a certain extent also.

Anonymous said...

On my list of must haves and must have nots this one is just a might be nice to have (if that makes any sense). Although smacking and eating loudly is one of my pet peeves. In the grand scheme of things it isn't a huge deal and depends a lot on how people are raised. Some of my friends that are girls are some of the biggest smackers and slurpers I know.

Adam Flores said...

Although I agree that he should know his table manners in polite company, there should also be a time where he can let his inner neanderthal out and just be himself. Let's face it most men would be lucky if they had the table manners of a well trained dog. If table manners was a deal breaker for women, there would be a lot more singles in the world.