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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birth control is more than just a religious issue, so say the VEGANS

Now this started to get me thinking. People have more reasons than religion for being against birth control methods. Those wacky vegans! You may not agree with them at all, but they have their reasons for the things that they do. They really love animals and don't believe in animal testing or animal products being injested or worn - and that includes condoms and birth control.

Since they are against animal testing, they aren't going to be into many of the birth control methods that others might accept. But did you know they have an issue with condoms?? Apparently, some condoms are made with a milk protein called casein. And vegans are against that.

It's interesting because it's one more chip in the debate about birth control and acceptable methods. Read more on on About.com Vegan condoms?

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Birth control debate rages on

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that there's been a debate about birth control being a part of healt care plans. And the Catholic church has a problem with providing birth control through heath care plans as do their hospitals. What is a real moral and ethical dilemma for Catholic Church leadership is not being protrayed with the care and concern.

There is a real question for some other kinds of organizations which are Catholic-run, such as hospitals which do not qualify as religious organizations.

I sent this letter to someone about it. I'm not sure he will get it. Tell me if you think it sounds logical:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mom weighs in on men's table manners - "It's a man thing"

I told my mom about my concern that here is this otherwise great professional man I am going out with who eats like a pig. And then she said, "It's a man thing."
Huh? Oh? Just a man thing? Yes, it's just a man thing. "But I know some men who are really good abut this."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh no! He’s a slow bro! What’s a girl to do?

You’ve all seen them at church - those guys who no one can figure out why they are single. They have good jobs. They have social skills. They plan events. But they don’t date. At all.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to avoid the "nice guy" trap

I've heard many complaints from so-called "nice guys." One alleged nice guy said he didn't start getting attention from women until he started acting like a jerk (Astro). Well, I dumped him because he was a jerk and I don't date jerks.    He still thinks he's a nice guy, but in truth he wasn't.

Just because a guy has been nice to the women who he has liked and haven't liked him back doesn't mean a guy is actually a nice guy. Just because a girl says a guys is really nice but she doesn't like him like that still doesn't mean he's actually a nice guy.  Some alleged nice guys sound sound bitter and angry - those aren't true "nice guy" qualities.

But if you really are a nice guy, this advice will help you avoid the "nice guy" traps...