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Monday, January 16, 2012

A boyfriend or girlfriend for the holidays

Some of you are, no doubt, still recovering from the holiday stress. Certainly more than a few of you found yourselves at the dinner table thinking, "Where is my significant other? When will I meet this person? When will those annoying questions stop????" You have been asking yourself these same questions, but when mom, grandma, uncles, aunts, and various other family members ask, "How about YOU??? Are you dating anyone yet?" *SHUDDER*

Well, I don't mean to stress you out any more than you already have been, but when you have been single for a significant period of time and you join your life with another person who has been single a significant period of time, it may not be as smooth as you think...

My boyfriend spent time with his own family for the holidays. For one week in November, he flew out to Colorado to spend time with his cousins - two of whom are mayors of neighboring towns. I was not invited to go. I guess we weren't at that point just yet.

When Christmas rolled around, he has had a standing tradition of spending Christmas with a friend from college. They also take a week to go diving every summer. Other friends came out of the woodwork and wanted to catch up around the holidays as well. And then he had to plan to spend time with his mother. In between all of this, his sister flew down from Alaska and stayed with him on and off for two weeks.

My family finally met him. But this only took about 4 hours of time in the entire holiday. I was at the point where the accusations of being picky had given way to discussions of what is good enough and not good enough for me as well as the merits of making a wise choice at this point in my life. The good news is that everyone liked him. *PHEW!*
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