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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Art of Obvious Advertising

Since Americans seems obsessed with reality shows, the answer has become what else but MORE REALITY SHOWS!

Some of the more annoying entries for me have been "The Revolution" and Live Big with Allie Vincent.

The Revolution is a show in which everyone gets a trip to the Macy's closet for a ticket to dress better. Every week a woman goes through a much-needed transformation. Cue the sad music as she looks are herself in the mirror. And of course she gets a trip to the Macy's Closet! Chad Pennington gave up building houses for people for this schlock?

Live Big with Allie Vincent. Every week is about the same. Everyone gets diet tips and a trip to 24 Hour Fitness where they all get a workout with a trainer and a Body Bugg. That Body Bugg did not do it for me at all! I was told I could eat an astronomically high amount of 2,500 calories. When I said it wasn't working, and I was gaining weight, I was told I should try 2,000 calories a day. And when that didn't work, I was told I should try 1400 calories a day. The Body Bugg, meanwhile, continued to read like I was burning 3,000 or more calories per day. I wish!! All this show does is BUGG me!

I want to like Allie after her turn on The Biggest Loser. But since the show, she has gained 20 pounds back and it should make her more nervous than it does. 120 is a better weight for camera work. Sometimes she gets overly-frustrated with her guests.

Dr. Oz gives out great advice - yet at the same time we're told "get surgery and see your doctor" for unnessecary procedures and medications. At least this is somewhat balaced with cooking healthy meals and getting things under control yourself. There's a bit of debunking expensive beauty treatments while touting the latest cosmetic technologies which is actually useful.

Honestly, I think we give too much power to doctors and medicines. Take your health into your own hands! I've been doing a little bit of that on my other blog, Life Unsalted - www.LifeUnsalted.blogspot.com.

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