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Friday, December 9, 2011

Why women play with their hair

It's out there.  The recent investment bankers letter for a second date posted to Reddit even referred to the myth.  You've been told that a woman playing with her hair is a sign of flirting. It's happened to me. I was on a date with a man and I was playing with my hair.

He: I've heard that a woman playing with her hair is a sign of flirting.
Me: Umm. Oh. I've never heard that before.

Reaction? Immediately stopped playing with hair.

Note to self- do not play with hair on dates with men I haven't met.

Possible solutions -
  1. cut hair short.
  2. wear extensions which make playing with hair precarious.
  3. wear hair up.
  4. shave head.
What are the real reasons a woman might play with her hair?
  1. She bored.
  2. It's soothing.
  3. She has an OCD which makes her want to touch her hair.
  4. She's a teenager who is self-conscious.
  5. She needs a haircut because her bangs are too long.
  6. She's self-conscious about a cow lick and keeps trying to press it down.
  7. She's nervous.
  8. She likes how her hair feels.
  9. She's wondering if she should get it cut.
  10. She wonders if she should dye it.
  11. She's decided to dye it but is contemplating the color.
  12. She just dyed it and is wondering if it smells ok.
  13. She just dyed it, it smells ok, and she's trying to admire the color at the tips.
  14. She just dyed it or straightened it and wonders what conditioner she should use to make it softer again.
  15. She's deciding if she should pull her hair over her upper lip like a moustache.
  16. She realizes you might think she's a huge dork if she does.
  17. She decided against it.
  18. She wonders if you're too uptight to appreciate her sense of humor.
  19. She wonders why her hair can't have that perfect look a model has.
  20. She wishes her hair looked like Taylor Swift's hair. (Or other young celeb)
  21. She spends about five minutes imagining she's Taylor Swift. (or other young celeb)
  22. She wonders if her hair is still curly because she spent a long time on it this morning.
  23. She wonders if she should grow out her bangs.
  24. She just cut it and is thinking of new styles.
  25. It's hot and she thinks she wants to put it in a ponytail.
  26. She just cut it short and wonders how long it will take to grow it out again.
  27. Her bangs keep going flat and she can't wait to ditch you and get to the bathroom to fix it.
  28. She has very curly hair and is trying to smooth it because it gets frizzy.
  29. She wonders what it would be like to be a nun and wear a habit or Muslim and wear a burqua.
  30. She is convinced you can see her first gray hair she just found.  In that case, repeat steps 1-30 or something like that.  Cause this isn't exact science or anything.

I say these crazy things because I play with my hair all the time.  I think it feels smooth and soft.  I like how my hair feels between my fingers.  Sometimes I twirl it to make it curl more.  I've worn it out to the point of split ends because I played with it so much.

Most of the reasons why a woman plays with her hair have NOTHING to do with a man.  You might have to look for other signs of flirting.  You might have to just ask her out and see if she says yes.

The guy who wrote the letter is looking so hard at the signs that he even counted eye contact per minute.  That's kind of weird.  I wouldn't go out with that guy again either.  Google searches be damned.  In fact, Google searching proved that the results were inconclusive.

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Anonymous said...

I think playing with hair is absolutely disgusting. It's a sign of public masterbation. The whole intent is to simulate sensuality, an orgasmic response.

Usually in college, the promiscuous party girls always showed up to class with Daisey Duke shorts, ample cleavage, whie twirling their hair.

The male professors would be transfixed and couldn't help but stare at them? Why, it is designed to be masterbatory. Consider the slow, circular motions, and the sensual intent.

Once, as an experiment, since I found the hair twirling preening gestures of women so incredibly stupid and off putting (I am a woman), that I sat in the university library twirling my hair to see what reaction I would get.

When Ilooked up after a few minutes, all seats around me were filled with leering guys who were apparently turned on by this.
Ladies, consider the image you are sending when you twirl your hair. You are reducing yourself to a sex object and not in a good way.

You are attempting to appeal to someone's sensual, base nature. Outside the context of an intimate, committed scenario, do you really want to generate that type of feeling in a stranger? Do you really want to manipulate a man like that?

Hair twirling is on par with exposing vast cleavage, wearing tight pants, etc. It is cheap and usually a habit adopted by cheap women who tend to pursue a sensual, party lifestyle.

Consider the types of women who usually twirl their hair to get attention. Typically they are bimbos. SMart, savvy women don't do this.

Consider, the Bachelorette.

Emily, a gorgeous blonde bachelorette, impressed with her intelligence, style, and grace. She rarely, if ever, touched her hair. She was concerned with beng a lady and making thoughtful, intelligent decision.

COmpare her to Courtney, the finalist. Courtney stripped nude on national television, went skinny dipping in front of the camera...and conveyed the overall impression that she was promiscuous...and ready to sleep with anything in pants (as long as he had money.) She boasted that no man could resist her.

Courtney was constantly twirling her hair in an effort to mesmerize the guy like a snake trying to hypnotize its prey. Twirl, twirl, twirl.

Far from finding her sexy, the audience complained -- why is she always twirling her hair? People were very disturbed by it and found it distracting and that it reflected mental illness. Probably on some level they resented her efforts to generate sexual feelings and hypnotize others through sex.

Intelligent, classy people do not look highly upon women who twirl their hair. It is seen as desperate and reflective of a vacant, superficial, sexually obsessed mind. Hair twirlers are dismissed as bimbos.

Do you see any prominent actress hair twirling? Or woman of distinction? Professional? Woman witha brain? Typically the hair twirlers are the groupies and party girls with sex on their minds. The same girls who hair twirl also tend to expose their cleavage and attempt to snag members of the opposite sex through sex.

It's a stupid approach. Would you want a man to want you for you...or to be mesmerized by your hair twirling? Do you realize that if a man can be so easily got by hair twirling that it would only take another hair twirler to get him to stray.

Grow up, get some self respect, and realize you have more value than being a little sex toy. Good, decent men won't be impressed by your hair twirling. Players will..as they know exactly what it signifies.

SavvyD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SavvyD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SavvyD said...

There was nothing in this post about using hair twirling as a ploy to get men. If anything, you have proven a point that people read far too much into it.

I think you might have some kind of mental problems as what you wrote is a bit off from how normal people see things. You don't clearly establish your gender and you come across as a horny male.

I also see evidence of mental problems from associating twirling of hair directly with sex, showing ample cleavage, and orgasm. This is, again, not a normal though pattern.

Lastly, it appears you are addicted to reality television. rumor has it that Emily isn't so classy as you allege.

Please consider getting counseling right away.