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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dear Atheists in Santa Monica...

Atheists in Santa Monica, CA decided to protest the use of public space for religious displays. Atheists entered the lottery for spaces and filled the spaces with NOTHING.

Do holiday displays get you all riled up? Honestly, I find the over-commercialization of the holiday to be quite irritating. I mean, people camp put for days to get ridiculous door-buster specials.

Here's the rub: the Constitution doesn't guarantee freedom from any mention of religion. The public pay taxes and the public sometimes happen to be Christians.

I really don't see how a few nativity scenes and a Hannukah display force you to practice religion or establish anything other than religion exists. And a few empty spaces won't stop me from practicing mine.

I would have been happy to see Kwanzaa being honored, which is a non-religious expression honoring Black history.

Sounds to me like you and they've got a bad case of pushing beliefs on others with a religious fervor. Yours is the new intolerance in the name of no religion.

Couldn't you at least honor Festivus? Does a holiday created by Jerry Seinfeld count as "religious"? (Let us begin with the airing of the grievances...) Maybe you grinches should try a little humor.

I'm sure you appreciated having a day off. Too bad rest didn't make you less grouchy.

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This is a more embellished version of a comment I made on an Atheism blog.

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CarolinaRobin said...

Atheists are some of the most intolerant people I meet - but of course they insist that they are the tolerant, open-minded ones.

SavvyD said...

@Carolina so TRUE!!!

CarolinaRobin said...

Sometimes you only have to mention that you are Christian, or be seen with a Bible, for these "tolerant" people to start criticizing and harassing you.

It has happened to me more than once. I would simply be sitting on a bench and reading a few pages of my Bible before class, or someone would see a notebook that I had doodled a few of my favorite verses on. I never even had to say anything about my faith before these people started a fuss about it.