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Saturday, September 3, 2011

HOARDERS (I will not hoard, I will not hoard, I will not hoard.)

I've had some personal issues with stress-related illness and injuries. I got really behind on chores at home. I also ended up doing a bit of compulsive shopping which seemed to make me feel better in some ways, but worse in others - like when I got the bill. In any case, I ended up with way too much stuff...

And then I looked at the stuff and decided it was time to get a grip on this stuff and accumulated dust. It started with the bathroom. I realized there was some fairly unhealthy stuff growing on the walls. First I tried attacking it the lazy way with those sprays that are supposed to keep your tiles clean. There is just one problem, those only work to keep things clean, they really can't attack stuff which has a healthy growth. Eww. Sorry. This is my confessional, here.

I broke down and bought a mask which is supposed to keep out the smell and dust particles along with gloves and eye protection. I'm not gonna lie, the dust on the bookshelves in my old room was pretty thick. I got rid of books I didn't need, had to dust each book, and also cleaned the shelves with a Swiffer duster and chased it with lemon Pledge and a wipedown with a paper towel. Wow! It took two days of exhausting work.

I went to Target for the bathroom supplies I needed. I now have a cleaner brush with an extendible handle so that I can reach the back wall and even the ceiling without needing something to stand on... Why? Well, I realized after watching an episode of Hoarders on AETV.com that mold was also growing on the ceiling, of all places. I think it might have to do with the higher door that was installed a few years ago. Airflow in the bathroom just isn't as good as it once was. The mold is in a losing battle against me with a mask and watered down bleach I'm spraying. Once I get it under control, maybe I can switch to something more environmentally friendly.

I attacked the counter tops. My mother had a major pile of stuff. I decided to claim that a bunch of my things got stuck in there with her things. I found gloves she had used once and saved, nylon stockings she no longer wears, used razers, bits of soap, and a million mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion fromm hotels. I threw stuff away and then gave those mini-bottles to our gardener.

The thing is, if you lose track of keeping things clean, it takes alot of work to catch up. It's harder still if you have to switch to doing everything left handed, as I have had to do. Long story.

It's overwhelming. I understand a little bit how these hoarders get overwhelmed and just can't do some of this stuff.

I have a closet too many clothes, too many shoes, and other junk. I have a bookshelf with too many books. I keep thinking that I intend to use some of the or read them again. I really ought to let some go. I'm looking at desk drawers with far too many pens, matchbooks, and other office junk. Ihave two printers on my desk. TWO! And I just got rid of one once I used all of the ink.

I ask myself what is wrong with me, and the truth is that there is nothing wrong. I have used matchsticks in the event of a power outage. I just don't need twenty books of matches - no matter how cool the locale or how cute the wedding.

I'm challenging you to get rid of things you don't need. Sort through that pile of papers, and reevaluate what you are keeping along with me. And watch Hoarders with me! If you don't have cable, you can catch 20 episodes online and some deleted scenes. I won't lie, some of what you see will be shocking. I don't have anything shocking, just less than ideal. I'm going to make sure I never get to that point. If the stuff I have is truly good stuff, then someone else should be able to use it and enjoy it. If not, hopefully it can be recycled.

Some of these unfortunate people on the show are at the end of their rope, in dire health circumstances with their children removed. Some conditions are so unhealthy that you wonder how they have survived at all. Many of the people look rather ill and pale. Hoarders gives many of them hope for a better future. What's your story?


Back to cleaning. It's exhausting work!

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Jenny said...

I'm convinced that hoarding is a trait activated by a dominant gene, and both of my parents passed it on to me.

SavvyD said...

@Jenny I think it definitely is difficult in our modern culture because the amount of stuff we are sent or have to buy can be overwhelming. I have filing cabinets filled with papers. I'm trying to organize them. It's frustrating. Which ones do I actually NEEEEEEED?

I recommend that you take a hard look at your stuff/habits.

And yes, the longer we're single, the more stuff we accumulate before we get married. I have stuff that, unless I marry someone who has nothing, I don't think I will need. My parents are saving a dining room set for me. I wish they had saved the mid-century modern one that they had because now I realize how cool it was. The one they are saving for me is not nearly as cool. Plus, there are pots, pans, etc. The thing is, if a man owns his own home, he may have some of those things already. When you marry in your twenties, you need all of that stuff to be given to you.

On the other hand, you can accumulate alot of stuff when you are married.

When you say you hoard, please tell me it's not like on that show. Cause that's scary!

Jenny said...

LOL Oh, no! I just meant keeping everything and not having enough room to store it all. I've never seen the show, but from what my sister says, it's just plain gross!

You're right about collecting more stuff as you get older. Another sister went from living alone to sharing a condo with a friend. They had double of everything. Marriage would be no different. I guess that should be our motivation to begin weeding out junk now. :D

Michaela Stephens said...

Very brave to tackle the cleaning like that.
If you're worried about having light in a power outage, save just 2 books of matches and get a few candles. (You may already have candles, but you didn't say.)

SavvyD said...

Yes, I have candles - somewhere. Let's just say that working on this goes in spurts. I got sick and could barely manage anything for about 3 weeks. Coughs are awful.