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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Foreign women for love (or just your money and citizenship)?

It's clear that the guy in this video is a hopeless romantic looking for love. I'm stymied as to why he wouldn't be able to find someone nice-unless he's looking for someone much younger, something which many younger girls don't want.  He's twice divorced and has two kids.  Is he a closet asshole?  Inflexible?  Does he steal all the sheets?  I almost want to go out with him just to find out.

Age doesn't matter to some of these women because they want money.  Marriage matters to them because they want to move to the US and become citizens.  Love isn't guaranteed.  Some of the women who advertise  are after a good time and a good meal.  Others live in abject poverty, eeking out a meager existence.  Some are prostitutes.  It's ironic to hear a man complain about American women being golddiggers when so many of these foreign women are doing just that.  One girl asked a guy to buy her an iPod and a juicer.  Really?

Maybe some guys need to take responsibility for their own bad habits and mistreatment of women. Just sayin'. In one tale from Nightline, one of the women came to the US only to be told she was there to do housework and have sex with her husband. She was also there to be beaten. Sorry, that's just not right. Women are not slaves, sex slaves, or indentured servants. The man stalked her and was killed in a police shootout because he wouldn't stop stalking her and posed a danger to her and to others. Scary!

These guys are being hoodwinked into spending thousands of dollars to be set up on dates.  I'm sure they get more attention than they would ever get back home.  But let's face it, many of these women can be flirtatious with a man for a night or for a few hours on a date and then change their minds, just like any woman would do in America.

When someone you have just met or have been corresponding with for a short time asks for money, RUN.  Use sites like A Foreign Affair and Loveme.com with caution.

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Jenny said...

I've actually seen this happen. Guys are so dense in actually thinking that Ms. Russia, a "10" bombshell, actually wants them when Ms. USA won't give them the time of day. Then they can't understand why she changes her mind about wanting a family. Then they can't believe they're paying alimony. And girls fall for the same thing here in California. Guys will to anything to get a green card, including breaking a gal's heart.

SavvyD said...

And some men still think of women as gold diggers - even when they might be earning just as much as they are. Perhaps a woman asking you what you do is a bit two-edged. Yes, they might want to know that you make money, but they also want to know if you make as much money as they do.

I wrote about a guy who came on really strong and I suspected that he just wanted a green card. Not only was I not attracted to him, I just didn't like him. I found a nice American boy.