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Sunday, August 28, 2011

manese - what he means by maybe

For those who feel a bit lost diciphering what men mean when they say certain things, here's a clue. Men usually mean what they say and say what they mean. The problem is that women often feel frustrated because they don't hear all of what the man said. They then assume that Manese is an impossible language to understand. It's really quite simple.

This applies to men of all faiths in English-speaking countries. This is one of those practical aspects of relationships which all women ought to know.

He says: maybe we can do something on Sunday.
She hears: let's do something on Sunday.

He says: I'll maybe give you a call on Tuesday.
She hears: I'll give you a call on Tuesday.

In written form, it's easy to point out the qualifier here is the word "maybe". Don't let wishful thinking get the best of you. Maybe means maybe yes, sure. But it also means maybe no. It basically means nothing. When a meteorologist says there's a 50% chance of rain, its about the same as a man saying maybe.

So if a man says maybe, listen carefully and just do your own thing. If a definite plan comes your way, go with it.

Other meaningless phrases to watch for:
We'll have to go there sometime.
We'll have to do xxx..
I'll have to take you...

I'm sure you are wondering why a Christian man might talk this way - or any man for that matter.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Social Kissing for Christian Dummies

Gimmie that Christian side hug? I think not. And I think it's one of the most ridiculous Christian conventions seen in modern times. It's a matter of social customs. If you were raised with social kissing being acceptable, it's a bit difficult to understand the Christian taboo. Americans in general tend to shake hands. But, perhaps it's time to accept that you might run into these social customs and learn how to handle them with grace rather than a horried "I only side hug"expression.

When people are not familiar with the custom of social kissing, their fears and apprehensions about what kissing means become unrealistic. Perhaps they fear it will look like this purposely scandalous video. I'm sure you can see that there is a difference.

Table Manners - Emily Post is after us all!

If you are confused by table manners, the standards have not changed. Notice, there was no texting or tweeting back then. There should not be now. This video covers every course from soup to dessert. It's the difference between grace and lackthereof, between getting a second date and never seeing someone again.