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Friday, July 8, 2011

A woman is like a house

McCallum House 1882.  Mendocino, CA
I get really tired of people assuming that a woman does something to attract bad men. This is not the case. A woman is like a house and if she keeps her house well, many people are attracted to it. Not all of them have the best intentions. Let me explain...

A woman is like a house. She might be a little messy or perfectly neat, but different people look at a house in different ways.

Someone who is looking to buy a house looks regards it with care and respect, wondering what it would be like to abide in this house. They inspect each room. However, not all buyers are qualified!
Albert Brown house 1880.  Mendocino, CA
A salesperson wants to sell things to the people that live in it.

A real estate agent wants to sell it.

A person driving through the neighborhood only gives it a cursory glance on the way to somewhere else. It's just a building when you're in a hurry.
A thief wants to take from the contents of the house and looks to see how he can break in and what he can take.

A gardener or a painter wants to tend to the house and make it look nice.
Abandoned house in Sweden
The Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses want to save the owners.
Friends come over to the house see how you are doing.

When someone comes to the door, a woman must talk to the person and figure out what their intentions at the door. Some of these people will be turned away at the door.

Some of these people will be allowed to enter the house - to the common rooms. Some might be invited to stay to eat in the dining room.
Very few are allowed upstairs to where the bedrooms are.
We've all invited people over who didn't seem to know what their boundaries were. Some tried to get into more rooms than they were invited to. It's happened to everyone. Some people even steal when invited to a home. Such a person is not invited to return.
Old house being restored
And in a bad economy, a house may be vacant for quite some time. This is the unfortunate situation for us these days it seems. Many only want the very nicest houses in the best neighborhoods, overlooking perfectly nice ones in search of perfection. This is no fault of the house. But just know that if you want to sell in a down economy, you have to keep it spruced up.

I hope this helps you women to understand that it is not their fault that many people, sometimes the wrong people, are attracted to you. It's not you. It's just that if you are attractive in some way, you will also be attractive to bad people. You can't help that. But you can help what rooms in your life you invite them to.

Guard your house like you guard your heart.  Even an old house deserves to be treated well.

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SilverRain said...

I don't know . . . it seems that certain houses do attract vandals and thieves.

I am beginning to realize that my personality is such that it is mostly men looking to get something out of me who will do what it takes to get in. Even if someone might be attracted to me who doesn't force their way in, it's the ones who break in who get in first. And then, I'm too scared to open the door to the good ones.

Love this analogy.

And, having once been a "Mormon" missionary, I can guarantee that some of us are more than willing to roll up the sleeves and do some yardwork, if it's wanted. Even when we're wearing dresses or suits.

We're not ONLY concerned about saving the owners. Mostly we're concerned about helping however the owners are willing to let us help. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love this analogy! And Mendocino county is one of my favorite places!!!

SavvyD said...

Thanks ladies. @SilverRain You might have a very nice house in a bad neighborhood.

If you read any of the articles I responded to on Facebook, you will realize that nowadays some men are operating under the assumption that it's perfectly OK to ask women for sex if that's all they want from them. It's our job to keep saying no. I know about being afriad to let anyone in. The right kind of people understand it takes time to bild trust.