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Monday, July 18, 2011

Pornification of women

I'd like to thank Camerin Courtney for her chutzpa. She wrote about one of the very things I have given a great deal of thought about.

I made more than a few comments on Examiner.com on articles where the verbose Hollwood Men's Dating Examiner touted that if a man wants sex, he should be able to just ask for it without repercussions. I strongly disagree.

The disturbing part about it is that the man is not advised to even take the time to get to know the woman to find out if that is something she would ever offer up. Wanting casual sex is no excuse for treating women disrespectfully.

What is most disturbing about it is that, the more accomplished women become in terms of education, the more disrespect we all get on the dating front. And the majority of women still engage in "women's work" as secretaries, teachers. It's not like we're deriving huge amounts of meaning out of this work.

Nevertheless, heels and hems are higher while bustlines are lower than ever. How can we get respect while dressing like sluts? It undercuts women at the very core. On top of that, we are told to actually be sluts to "catch a man."

Christian author Camerin Courtney takes it one step further in this brave article, Pornification Nation.

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the Watchdog of Dating said...

I am from the Philippines, reading post made me think of the filipino girls celebrities are not merely portrayed as sexy actors yet they're consistently and narrowly portrayed as as passive sex objects especially to younger individual who spends a lot of time watching/using media or internet.

Communication scholars indicated that the portrayal of women in the popular media over the last several decades has become increasingly sexualized, even “pornified."