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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Savvy response to lameness

My email response to Mario...

Hi Mario,

I thought there was a reason why you didn't call. I find it confusing since the way you kissed me and told me how much you like me and "definitely" wanted to spend time with me was a great way to end a first date. You even told me you wouldn't change a thing about me. As dates go, it was a very good one. You kept saying how ready you were to get something started and it was a bit overwhelming. I don't like to give too much to someone I haven't even met since I don't know what it will be like when we do meet. We don't know each other well enough for me to say I'd move to Kentucky with you. I thought you'd want to friends at the least if things didn't work out.

In any case thanks for a nice time in case I forgot to say it.


Again, it's just unrealistic to expect that you will connect on EVERY level. Like I said before, often chronic singles have unrealistic expectations. From the way he was kissing me I was pretty sure he was totally into me. Whatevs.

So here were his red flags that had me freaking out:
1. Declared bankruptcy last year. Yes, we all have troubles. He bought a condo, then lost his job. It could happen to ANYONE. I was prepared to be understanding.
2. Didn't go past an AA. I didn't tell him I had a Master's Degree. I didn't want to make him feel bad.
3. I'm allergic to something he really loves. I am not kidding. I'm allergic to horses.
4. Really pushy about being ready to start a relationship before we met.
5. Inappropriate comment after we kissed. Said, "I want to know what it feels like to be between your breasts." I was so embarrassed. My jaw must have dropped and I completely blushed. He then recouped by saying, "Well you surprised me, so I thought I would surprise you."

Somehow I think I'm going to be OK.

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OI said...

I think you'll be okay to.

#4 and #5 would be red flags for sure.

A guy who pushes a relationship too quickly...that's a weirdo. They just want to get in your pants quickly, and then get out of your life even quicker.

And that last comment, I have to ask, so please don't be offended, but where did you meet this guy at? Please don't tell me it was at church.

SavvyD said...

Oh, hahaha! He says he's Christian. Goes to church with his mom when he isn't working on Sundays.

We actually met through his mom because our grandmothers are roommates at a post-acute care facility.

So, um, I'm not completely getting his withdrawl. I was giving it a chance because it was a setup.

SavvyD said...

Oh, also, maybe I'm not so Christian. We were drinking wine and kissing so maybe that's really bad.

The more I think about it, the more I think I played my cards right.

To read all entries about this guy, please click on MARIO. It seemed like this was God's way of working in my life. I guess not.

SavvyD said...

Lastly, beyond the comment, he really didn't do anything that indicated wanting to get me over to his house - or should I say - the house he shares with his mom.

I'm sorta dreading running into them all again.

OI said...

I'm really sorry to hear it didn't work.

The good news is you don't have to put any more energy or emotion into this relationship.

The bad news is some well meaning people might want to set you up on a date again.


SavvyD said...

It wasn't all bad. It was just... lame.