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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Prince of Black Frogs - no, the frogs won't change...

Kiss me!  I'm cute!
I've just had a revelation. People are strange. I know, I know, most people assume this to be true and take it for granted.  But I just realized it afresh when I met the Prince of Black Frogs.

I went to a Pet Store to get some supplies for my cat.  Some of it I had to return.  The checkout guy was superfriendly to everyone a quite attactive, plus, it was the second time seeing him so conversation flowed easily beyond the return.
We started talking about other stuff like business and shipping for whatever reason.  He mentioned that he raises black frogs and ships them in the mail.  He then described in detail how he ships them with a cold pack when its going to be hot.  He said he just sent out a breeding pair.

Nothing but love in my black heart.
Wow,  of all the hobbies to have!  I mean, I don't know if he's dating anyone, but whoever he dates has to accept him AND his frogs.  Not only is he raising them, certainly he talks about them with affection.  He even has a photo of one of his believed black frogs on his name tag.

Blue and ...
Can you love me how I am?
Not only does he talk about these frogs, he loves these frogs.  It shows when he talks about them.  He studies how to breed them, how to raise them, markets them, and most likely enjoys their company.   he more I think about it, the more fascinating I find it that there are some many diverse hobbies out there. 

My music hobby is pretty domineering in my life.  Maybe some people are turned off by this just like some people might be turned off by the frogs.  I love my interest in music and do need someone who supports it somewhat, just like this guy needs someone who supports his frog obsession.

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Miss365 said...

Sometimes shared interests makes a difference. Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear. Who knows what you'll end up with. Probably not what you are expecting. ;)

....just don't say "No frog men" out loud because you know what God will do.....

Lol :)

SavvyD said...


This wasn't about me potentially dating this particular man who breeds black frogs.

He was attractive, but I meet many people who are attractive. He is a physically attractive man with an unusual hobby.

This was about dating in general.

I told God I didn't see myself ever going to Africa. I am still not in Africa nor will I ever be in Africa. I don't feel God's call.

Miss365 said...

Hey Savvy I guess my Aussie humour didn't come across (or I really have to some commenting late at night! )

I did get that it wasn't about you potentially dating this particular guy who had an interest in frogs & my last comment about not saying stuff out loud I guess is a running joke I have with my friends because of some of the things we've said out loud and then God has called us on it.

Apologies if my joking comment made your day even a tiny bit 'blah'

SavvyD said...

I'm not sure we can nail that to an exact doctrine in the the Bible. I haven't seen this to be true in my case.

If anything I'm always trying to be open to possibilities that don't seem to even exist.

Also no matter if I believe I will find someone at any moment (which I once believed) or if I give up completely, the end result is that there does not seem to be anyone for me and that God has forgotten me and the desires of my heart make no difference in the world to Him. When I have been closer to Him there was no reward in that - I did not get the desires of my heart. So don't look to being Godly as being a means to an end, it must be an end in itself. But its hard to want that end when you don't feel like God cares that much.

I just thought this was fun and very interesting to point out that people can be very strange.

SavvyD said...

ph, no! My cute frog photos disappeared! I'll have to restore them

the Watchdog of Dating said...

Understand that all relationships are different and that there's no universal way to be a good girlfriend since everyone has different tastes. I remember having a filipino friend boyfriend who is addicted to collecting snakes, because he said he couldn't give them away coz they bring good luck. I don't like snakes at all. It's gross! I had to learn to accept him including his likes. Coz he also let me do what I wanna do and he was being supportive.