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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Over before it began

Well, I was freaking out over a few red flags, but I was still prepared to give Mario a shot. He wasn't. See his email to me by clicking on MORE.

Hi Savvy,
I wanted to thank you for a very nice evening this past Monday. While it seemed as though there might be a "connection", I came to realize it just wasn't so. At this point in my life, I am looking forward to a loving relationship, but not at this time. There is a possibility of a move to Kentucky to do some more freelance work on the Thoroughbred industry. At this time, that is truly where my heart is, and it would be ideal to find someone who is like-minded in this regard. You and I both deserve someone who we can connect with on every level, and I no longer wish to compromise my true desires. It simply wouldn't be fair. I do wish you and your family all the best, and will continue to keep your mother and grandmother in my prayers.

I wonder if this is because I said I'm allergic to horses? I actually am. I seem to be allergic to alot of things. I almost cancelled because I was bitten by mosquitos Sunday evening and having a allergic asthma problems.

I think it's unrealistic to expect that someone have exactly your same plans from the outset. It takes time to weave two lives together. This is where many chronic singles go wrong.

I wouldn't buy a lame horse. I'm not going to buy a lame excuse.

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OI said...

Wow! I'm really sorry to hear about this.

The only good thing I can say is better now, than 5 years from now when you have really invested in this relationship, and given your all, and he says, "It's just not working out".

SavvyD said...

Nifty! It's easy to post comments from a mobile device!