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Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding, what was important to me

One of the exciting things, well for me, as a church goer was that the Queen permitted the Royal Wedding Program to be posted online and available for download. Rather than just watching a formal religious ceremony, I was able to participate in praying for a couple I don't really know but wish well. The program has photos and information about Westminster Abbey.

Additionally, it was really cool that other people in other places in the world were doing the same thing! I didn't have to wear a ridiculous hat or be skewered by the British press making a misstep of some kind. I could just enjoy it in my PJs. (Actually I like hats, but let's get real, some of them were outrageous and would make Lady Gaga proud!)

It was really awesome to sing along on the hymns which have different words and melodies than similarly titled versions in American hymnals.

Prince William and Kate sang along on the hymns without being shy about it. They knew those songs!! How cool is that? And I was singing with them!

Get your copy here:   Regular Adobe Acrobat PDF

Westminster Abbey is reputed to be one of the top choirs in the world and they sang the anthems beautifully. There was a new piece commissioned by British church composer Randall Thompson whose anthems are often sung in churches in the US. Another vocal work scheduled, “Ubi Caritas,” is a relatively new setting by Welsh composer Paul Mealor. Both were beautiful.

I also thought it was very modern of the couple to ask for donations to charity in lieu of gifts. They already have everything they need. Very cool.

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