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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PC USA accepts ordination of gays and lesbians

The Presbyterian church has finally followed the Episcopal Church in accepting the ordination of out gays and lesbians. The controversy is causing quite a few churches to consider what they will do and if they will stay in the PC USA to be salt and light or if they will leave PCUSA for a more conservative faction, PCA. Unfortunately, many women will be upset by not being able to serve as deaconesses in the PCA. What's a church to do??

This has been in the works for awhile now. When I lived in NYC I would sing at other churches as a ringer in the mornings and then attend my chosen church which was the conservative PCA.

One sunday I sang at an extremely liberal church when I was invited to sing at an ordination for woman…and then discovered she was an out lesbian as she delivered her message. And then I caught on that all of the pastors and the choir director were gay.

And the message from the senior pastor was that they should actively recruit the ordination of gays and lesbians.

Um…not much about the word of God. I wanted to walk out. I finished my duties and did not go back.

Before that, i noted several things about the congregation. There were huge open gaps in of available seats in pew and there were very few children.

At the PCA church led by Tim Keller, there were also very few children relatively speaking, but the seats were so packed that ushers had to help people find seats and sometimes there were spillover areas that had to be opened up.

The large PCUSA church I have been going to has considered leaving more than one, but would lose a very large and impressive property. This has torn up many congregations and landed a few in court to settle the battle. Ultimately, the dying leftist factions get the properties and the defectors have to start over.

It’s a horrible choice to be forced to make. The original link:  PC USA changed

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Anonymous said...

Have we as Christian forgotten about Sodom and Gommorrah and how whole civilizations were destroyed because of homosexuality. Yes we all should have choice but when the church starts to accepts this we truly have a major problem.

Shena said...

Hey, Savvy!

Well, I can't say I'm surprised. And I would even venture to say that the seats being empty probably won't be the norm for long.

The nation/American Christianity is really moving towards normalizing gay Christianity and anyone who is against it is ostracized. People can blame the media, but it's obviously also in our churches too.

I think the problem is that there are two extremes that are publicized most. It's the "right" agenda that pushes family values while demonizing and targeting the LGBT community, which is very damaging because no matter our faith, we all have friends and family members who are gay and lesbian. If we don't, my personal opinion is that we're doing something wrong and we're not being the salt and the light of the world. The other extreme is what PC USA is doing, and completely normalizing it. We don't get much of the inbetween because it's hard to explain it in conversations and hard to label it on the ballot box.

What I want to know is what do I do God when the people I love come out to be gay and lesbian in the future? I feel like I have a good balance now. My LGBT friends know I love them, I mean I love them with all of my soul, but they still know I believe homosexuality is a sin.

But for those of us who are trying to walk in love and grow deeper in our faith, I can't help thinking that unless we get good biblical knowledge and guidance, we can easily be the people of PS USA who have come to believe it is not a sin and choosing what is true for them rather than what the word of God says.

What do you think?

SavvyD said...

@Shena, I do sing in the mornings at an Episcopal church. And I know those who have had their lives changed by an experience with the Lord who are gay.

I have decided to leave the judging to the Lord in matters of the spirit.

However, it becomes a problem with codified acceptance and active recruitment.

But, then, don't gays need a minister who understands them? Those who are offended by this new acceptance will leave and others will stay. It will die on it's own.

I'm so confused about it.

I think if straight people were actually getting married and having children, the world might view marriage and having children as something that must go together.

While gay friends of mine are pushing "marriage equality" I can't even find a date. I have a "right" to something that I can't even access.

SavvyD said...

Interesting stats...the Episcopal Church is slowly dying out...


Not many kids or new memberships.