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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding mania

I'm giving in to it. I can't help it. I don't know these people and I do not envy Kate Middleton as she has the whole world watching her. Papparazzi will follow her and her children for the rest of her life.

Why are women into it? If you're a guy, perhaps you don't understand. For some it's the illusion of looking into a life where designers will give you great clothes that they've made for you to wear. You will get it for free because if a beloved royal like Kate wears it, it's a sure road to fame and fortune for the designer.

For others it's the ultimate wedding. It will be grand, glamorous, full of celebrity, and on television.

But for me it is a couple being united in love. I wish that would happen for me. (I'd be happy just getting married at the courthouse with no big church wedding.) It's not happening for many of my friends either. I watch, I wait, I hope, for me and for my friends. I last went to a wedding 1 year ago. It was the first wedding I had been to in years.

I don't get asked out on dates, I get men who hit on me and invite me to spend the night with them. When I said recently, "Doesnt' God have a better plan for my life?" Someone said God does. Except, where is it? This is my life NOW. I went to a concert of a man whose music I have respected and loved my entire life. I also admire the talents of his backing band and someone from his backing band tried to convince me to sleep with him. Obviously this wasn't going to work with me. Now I'm disgusted by this person who hit on me.

So for just one day, I'm going to the royal wedding. If you don't get it, just don't criticize.

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Anonymous said...

I'm kind of a tomboy but I really loved it. To straight men who feel homosexual if they watch you are missing out (men are way more romantic than women! watch it in secret)

I loved how they looked at one another and smirked, always about to laugh, you could tell they loved each other and were friends, they had a bond. I hope they have a beautiful life together.

And you, Miss Savvy, I hope you find a love like that very soon. Everytime I check here I have faith. Someday I know that this will become a marriage blog, then a family blog with pics of your babies :) happy weekend girl!

Haley Marie said...