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Friday, March 4, 2011

Why I thank God I'm single, some very real reasons to rejoice

A friend of mine posted happy brithday to his deceased wife.  I realized that I miss my husband, too.  However, I don't have him in my life.  Since I don't, I thank God I'm free from the following kind of men.  I want a healthy relationship and it seems like there are alot of people out there who are not healthy.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who beats my children and myself.  Tyler Perry's mom wasn't so lucky, neither was Tyler Perry.  There were a few guys who wanted to date me who showed signs of being extremely angry very early on and I passed because I know what's coming.  I talked to a woman last night who divorced her husband when he became violent after starting anti-depressant treatment and discoving how deep his alcoholism was.  That being said...
I'm glad I'm free from an alchoholic husband.

I'm glad I'm free from a verbally abusive man.

I'm glad I'm free from a jealous man.  I'm watching 20/20 and there is a story of man who killed his wife and 2 children of 3 children.  One daughter survived.  The slaughter didn't end there.
I'm glad I'm free from a man who has no respect for women.  I've read your blogs.  I know you are out there.  I'm sorry you've been hurt, but hate is not the answer.  All I know is that I would steer clear of you as I'm very certain your attitude bleeds out and those around you can tell.  I'm sure they stay away from you because of it.

I'm glad I'm free from a husband/father who sexually abuses our children or other children.

I'm glad I'm free from a drug addict husband.  Obvious.

I'm glad I am free from a cheating husband.  There were a few guys who wanted to date me who showed the signs of having a wandering eye.  One went ahead and asked out another girl and paraded her in front of me.  Another who I was engaged to actually married another girl.  I hear he flirts with all of the subs and new teachers.  Glad I avoided that one.

I'm glad I'm free from the kind of man who would solicit sex from dogs.  Eww!!

I'm glad I'm free from a man who is addicted to porn.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who has a sexually transmitted disease.  Why they are trying to replace disease with "infection" I suppose is to make it sound milder.  Some can be treated, but some can not.  I was dating a man who had herpes.  I would not sleep with him.  That was the end of us.  But then, he also showed some serious signs of anger problems and no one in my family liked him.  I'm sure glad I don't have an STD.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who puts down my tastes and interests.  I've already experienced some wrath from occaisional readers who so strongly dislike my taste in music and say it's the cause of my spinsterhood.  Really?  They also say they're "nice guys".  I'm glad I'm not dating any of you.  Did you ever think that something like taste in music and man's reaction might have something to do with the way he reacts to everything else?  Not so nice.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who doesn't love me.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who is in love with someone else.  I dated a man who was in love with someone else, and it really sucked.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who is an absentee father who has left me to raise our children alone.  Some women have not been so lucky.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who obviously has no concern for his health.  This minor is some ways, but major in others.  If I marry someone and their health declines, I'll be there for them.  But my dad eats absolute crap.  He's given himself gout by trying that wacko Atkin's protein diet.  He never excercises and had trouble getting out of a chair.  Now it turn out he has diabetes.  Finally, he's taking it seriously.  He still doesn't excercise.  These are health problems that can be avoided.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who has multiple ex wives.  One of my ex boyfriends now has two ex wives.  I once went out on a date with a man who had two ex wives and three children--2 with one, 1 with the other.  He was not sexy enough, rich enough, or nice enough for me to go out with him again.  Sorry.

I'm glad I'm free from a man is financially irresponsible.  Sure, I've bought shoes.  I've had some slips in judgement as a single girl.  But I'm single, it effects only me.  On the other hand, at this point I don't need to go shopping for a really long time.  I have friends who have discovered their significant other spent everything and had to end the relationship because they had been lied to.

I'm glad I'm free from a man who puts his desire for sex ahead of my feelings, readiness, and seriousness of our relationship.If me not having sex with a man before I feel comfortable with it means I don't have a relationship, so be it.  You should not do that which you do not feel comfortable doing.  There are some things that people feel comfortable doing that they should not do, either.

I think too much of myself to date any of these kind of men.  And you should too.  For tips about compatibility areas to look for, please see  Love does not conquer all, 7 compatibility areas to consider.

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jenny said...

You list some of the violence and demonic sexual perversion that we’ve seen emerge in the last few decades. Christians often don’t want to acknowledge this sickness exists within the Church, or they blame the feminist revolution, which began as a godly movement in an effort to dignify women as Christ teaches, but unfortunately became a mission to belittle men and encourage sexual immorality. Tearing down feminism is not the answer, and I applaud you for your defense of feminism on this blog. I think Christians have forgotten the oppressiveness of a male-dominated society, but when I visited countries with a male-dominated culture, I was disgusted: Man’s sinful inclination is to dominate a woman who is only a source of sexual gratification and a creator of his offspring. The Church must have morally pure singles and marriages. We must help singles find spouses, and we must help strengthen families. Christian men, take on the leadership role God has given you within in your family and church body to keep the flock from falling with the rest of this nation. Savvy, keep speaking the truth here: Maybe the right people will listen.

SavvyD said...

In writing this, I can tell you how much happier I feel today. I am single and FREE. Wow! That's amazing.

Leslie said...

I would agree with all of these! :)

SavvyD said...

Thanks! I'm also glad I'm free from Charlie Sheen! What is up with those two women who are living with him?

Leslie said...

Well one of them apparently uses drugs just as much as he does (I figured this out based on her answers in the 20/20 special about Charlie Sheen) and is using him to line her own pocketbook and it looks like the other one thinks she's in love with him.

When asked if they would marry Charlie the one who obviously also uses drugs said "I don't know" and the other one answered with a emphatic "yes" in a very lovey-dovey voice and facial expressions. Oye.

Kevin said...

Being single is definitely much better than being in a miserable marriage.

SavvyD said...