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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recessionista tips and tricks, let there be Big Crumbs! (Just like Bing Cashback!)

I just got my first payout from BigCrumbs. Whenever I buy something online, I check to see if there is a link on Big Crumbs first. For reals, people. This is like Bing Cashback. You know you cried when it died. I sure did. The new Bing program promised to be better and it sure was annoying.

Big Crumbs came in handy very recently. I wanted my favorite anti-perspirant which was not available in regular stores. I didn't want to have to search every Target until kingdom come. So I bought it from Drugstore.com.  It was on sale PLUS I got cashback.

I also bought contact lenses. And get discounts on things from Ebay. I was upgrading my camera, but had to send it back. I'm sticking with the camera I have now. Though, if I go to Coachella, I really would like a 24x optical zoom so my shots will be more professional.

Here are some lovely screenshots for you to look at about my payout:

When I'm a-walkin', I strut my stuff.  I saved big time!  You can, too.  Please use my referral link.
Also, if you really love Steve Madden shoes, I recently save 50% off clearance by entering Save50.  I also got 9.6% cashback.  I wore out my boots.  :(  Having them repaired costs nearly as much as new.

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