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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Satan's love story continues

The Really Sick Jerk answered!!! Here's where it gets interesting.

You have to wonder what kind of a man thinks he can do whatever he wants to a woman just because he is turned on. Playing with my hair was OK. A kiss was OK. Sticking his hand into my bra (really!!) was definitely not OK.

I don't care what Roissy's dumbass blog tells you about game, this kind of behavior makes you a creepy pervert. Ask permission. If she says no, take it seriously.  I bet Roissy would actually have far more class than to cop a feel.

What I didn't realize is that what he did was actually a crime according to state laws. He's not just a jerk, he's a criminal. What did this man do wrong? Not only is asking permission a good "idea" it's a neccessity. If someone does not have permission to reach down your dress, well, that's called Sexual Battery.  Look it up.

I'm done feeling bad or trying to forget it. When men commit criminal acts, they should be held accountable. And the things he said in his responses only point to his guilt.

When I reported it to the police officer I told her I was afraid that it wouldn't be taken seriously and people told me to forget about it. I said I wasn't even wearing anything suggestive. She said, "I don't care what you were wearing, no one has the right to touch you like that. And besides, you don't want a guy like that doing this to anyone else." I told her that's why I couldn't forget it.

I feel better thinking that something will happen and other women will not be subjected to this.  Note that he wants to make it up to me.  I hope the investigator sees that as an opportunity for a set up.  In some ways that would be cool to confront this Really Sick Jerk in the proper forum--with charges in criminal court.

See part 1.

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ClarenceComments said...

Roissy never says to "cop a feel" from any girl you are not, at least , already banging. In short, you have to at least have gotten intimate before you can try some of those ruder style behaviors. This guy "escalated" too soon, before you were comfy with him.

On the other hand, I carefully read that. He didn't admit to anything: even if you were a crazy chick or even a false accuser the first thing I would try to do was humor you as well. In short, unless you accused me of rape or murder or something major like that I wouldn't argue. If you came to my facebook I'd see if an apology (even if I didn't feel I was guilty) would make you go away. What you or the cops have to do in this case is get him to admit doing the behavior, like "I'm sorry I fondled your breasts without permission", otherwise this will be a very hard case to win. Good luck.

Good luck with your case, but I don't believe you have one, unless he admits it.

Patch said...

If not and he insists on doing something to make it up to you, suggest castration. That would make everyone feel SO MUCH better!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that this has to go to the police. In a simpler time, you could have slapped his face and that would have been teh end of it. Or he might have had enough simple fear of your male relatives to have not done this in the first place. But the modern world doesn't permit you to slap him any more than it permits him to grope you. So asking for police assistance is all you have left.

No doubt that for him, the same tactics have been rewarded in the past. So he is probably genuinely confused about why you are being such a bitch.

He may indeed be dangerous. Best just to keep your distance from him.

SavvyD said...

@Hale Let's get this straight. He committed a crime and you say it's a shame that it has to go to the police?

Really? Actually, it's a shame he did it. If it was not a crime to grope someone, the police officer would not have bothered to take a report.

@Clarence ... he did not deny it which lends credence to its occurrence. Also guys running game find me faaaaaar too resistant for their games to make it any fun for them. Let's just say if I got a "neg hit" I would start laughing. This guy is one of those genuine creeps.

He was actually at an event that I went to this evening. I did not speak to him. He tried to get my attention by walking by me and bumping my purse. I did not say anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It is a crime because the law arbitrarily says it is. Some laws are administrative, some based on enduring moral principles and some are arbitrary and capricious. Not all of them deserve our unflinching support. I personally violate speed ordinances every chance I get. Laws regulating the personal space between people are particularly difficult because the same behavior that is punished in one case is rewarded in another. My natural inclination is that the police are incapable of solving most of life's problems, so their involvement should be avoided by most normal people. That assumes alternative means are possible. The over-legislation of our current society makes this no longer possible. The same law that protects your breasts from being fondled protects him from getting his ass kicked by your male relatives for doing so. So knowing the difficulty you will have in proving your case, and the lack of retribution on him personally, there is no reason for him to exercise self-restraint.

I lament that our society is structured so, not that one jerk is getting what he deserves. In your case, getting police assistance is the right answer. It is the only answer open to you that he will understand.

Giraffe said...

I lament that our society is structured so, not that one jerk is getting what he deserves. In your case, getting police assistance is the right answer. It is the only answer open to you that he will understand.

A can of pepper spray might convey her sentiments.

SavvyD said...

@Hale You may get away with violating speed ordinances when no one is hurt, however, as soon as someone is injured by the speeding, you will experience consequences.

The reason I reported it is on the chance that he has done these things before. I also believe that him saying things like 'is that any way to talk to someone who just wanted to make you feel good' point to his guilt.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to convince me. I already support your position.