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Saturday, February 19, 2011

MIA Bloggers and stuff

There are links on other people's blogs that lead to abandoned blogs. The last date of entry might be a year to two years ago. Some have even been deleted. Captain Singleness anyone?

I started looking through the blogs I follow and noticed how many of them stopped posting.

Some of it might be the immediacy of things like Facebook and Twitter as microblogs.

But some of it might be just that people get frustrated about the lack of change in their lives. I know that when I started this blog, soon to be 4 years ago, I imagined I would have found a wonderful husband and secured a book deal by now.

The reality is that these things did not come to pass by blogging about my feelings or my horrible dates. I have a feeling other bloggers feel the same. And those who post their bitterness toward the opposite sex seem to keep going because there's alot to be bitter about.

For another blog, the terminus was the marriage of one of the blondes at Blonde Monde. There won't be any commiseration between them about how awful dating is now that one of them is married. They even had avatars drawn of themselves.

Anakin Niceguy stopped blogging despite his very successful Biblical Manhood blog. There's alot to explore under that moniker. Unfortunately it ended up being alot of sexual politiking about how men are treated badly by the church. (We all are.) And blaming feminists for many ills.

Rare is the blogger who marries and then keeps blogging as is the case with www.SingleMind.net. That name referred to both being singleminded as far as the matters of God as well as being single. Amir is also obsessed with the toughness of his cat and discussed other things, so that possibly why. He married a girl he met from online...it all started with a disagreement over something posted at some overly Christianese Focus-On-The-Family-related Boundless.

I'm ready to become a feminist myself after the hateful things I have experienced at the hands of men. I should write a few lines about some of the men I have met recently. Scummy men have always been around. So have nice men who care about people. The scummy men are ruining it for everyone, they are the ones who create feminists.

Some of you who still read my blog on occasion have stopped blogging yourselves. I'm glad you still stop by.

As for me, I know I'm not as funny as I was 2 years ago. I fail to see the humor in my failed/lack of relationships at the moment.

I got a little inspiration from reading one of the pluses of being single over at Celibate in the City. #30 If I hate my life I can change everything.

I think I'm going to work on that post haste.

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SavvyD said...

Oh yeah, I already started with changing the background of the blog, LOL,

jenny said...

Savvy,When you are married, how will your blog change? What do you think married Christians could do for us singles and for the reputation of marriage in America? I think what we see is that when singles find a mate, they are so relieved, they no longer want to remember those dark years of singleness, but we can learn much from them.
Your change in tone, from jovial to a bit aciduous, is familiar to me. I'm 31, and I no longer joke about being an old maid as I once did. From your posts and other blogs, it appears our culture is in a crisis. What is the protocol for dating or pursuing a relationship these days? Suddenly, we are supposed to find someone online by scrolling through hundreds of profiles with tiny little photos and highly edited descriptions of self, never knowing who is posting the information. Am I the only one that finds online dating sites highly unnatural and weird? We weren't meant to meet people in this artifial way. Before I continue ranting, let me congratulate you on giving voice to single Christian women who are independent and growing in Christ but have found their brothers in Christ being a lot like Adam--passive and easily mislead. I think addiction to porn and absentee fathers have done great harm to men, even those in the church. I'm trying to accept my relationship status, knowing it may be permanent, and learn how to live out my life without a spouse. I don't think God intends so many of us to be single. I'm just beginning to learn what my life is going to look like. I have a dismal premonition that we are the pioneers of an emerging and growing subpopulation: godly single women suffering from rejection on two sides-- from the world that tells us to be like the Sex and the City gals and from the church that tells us it is our fault for being single. We are breaking new ground, for I think this is the first time in history this has happened.
I don't understand what I'm supposed to be doing, but I'm learning. Please keep posting, the good, bad, and ugly!

SavvyD said...

@Jenny - Thanks for the words of encouragement.

It's almost like we're the new Shakers - only there's no Oneida community for us to live in, no beautiful silver spoons for us to make, no chairs.

jenny said...

Ha! That's a great analogy! I think you say it with a good sense of humor. That might be my new phrase to help me cope: "Yes, I'm involuntarily single, forced into Shakerdom."

Kevin said...

I (finally) posted something new over at SingleChristian.org.

I, too, kind of lost interest in writing about some of these issues. I'm not sure the "fire" will ever come back, but I managed one post :)

SavvyD said...

It's tough when it feels like it's forever the same issue...and the issue is that you can't find someone suitable for you. Why is that? It's all of us, I guess.